Eternal Universe Of Mercury

A collection of my old and new poems.


35. #34 Why Does A Woman Suffer? (18/06/15)

Why is it that a woman suffers?
She is the pain bearer
She carries a human with her
She goes through pain with a fear
Careful to make sure she doesn't hurt anyone
She walks carefully not to tip or fall
Just because she doesn't hurt the one
In her womb, she walks delicately
And when she doesn't give birth to a son
She is given more pain than the birth has ever given her.

She is a curse
A blasphemy on the surface of earth
And when situations become adverse
She is the one to clean the dirt.

Why is that a woman suffers?
In each and every part of this world
In every situation that occurs
She is beaten and slit
She is made to pay
The expenses of someone else's debts.

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