Eternal Universe Of Mercury

A collection of my old and new poems.


34. #33 The Fake Castle (18/06/15)

Man builds up a castle
With his own hands
He is the creator 
Of everything on this land
Then why does he create 
A castle so unguarenteed
Into it, he initiates
People because of his greed
Who don't know about the cracks in the castle
About the flaws it has.

It starts to drizzle
The drizzle becomes rain
The rain becomes a violent storm
And then people run in vain. 

The castle melts away 
With it, it takes away lives
It was the creator's fault
That no one survived
The creator will pay now
For the castle he built in greed
Even when knowing the cracks and faults
Now he will pay for his deeds.

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