Eternal Universe Of Mercury

A collection of my old and new poems.


33. #32 Dear Annoying Sister (18/06/15)

To my dear sister,
Since you can't read it
And I know I couldn't say this
It's hard to open up at times
But now you should know what I miss,
I miss you. 

I miss you
Even though you are so bossy
You always demand random things
When most of the time you are so haughty
And when you tell me to stop when I sing
We still share the same group of blood
And we still played on the same heap of mud.

I miss you,
Even though at times you are selfish
And you never listen to me
And I am not some other pond's fish
We both are kind of same, you see,
All these years, we shared the same room
Although not at the same time,
But we also shared the same womb.

I kind of miss you,
In case if you read this
You're not that special, Binni,
But still you are my sis.

I don't feel bad that you are gone
You're just a few miles away
More than missing you I was drawn
To get the whole room for myself for some days

But being happy doesn't mean
That a little cell of mine isn't aware
Of the absence there has been
Of your annoying shrill voice here.

So sister,
Don't be so high headed now
It's just a formality to miss siblings
You're still annoying somehow
I hope I am not fiddling 
With your confidence

You're still not superior 
You still have the annoying voice
The poem doesn't mean I am inferior
It's poetry which is my choice.

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