Eternal Universe Of Mercury

A collection of my old and new poems.


29. #28 The Irony (21/06/15)

Never ever talk to me 
When you are in a sad state
'cause then I'm induced to give you solutions 
Which is a big mistake.

In my life
I have minuscule amount of experience
So much I don't know 
About the things in my existence
And you come to me
Looking for a solution
But guess what?
Whatever I tell you is just my dillusion

I tell you to go say sorry to that person
But in my life
I would have never apologised for a good reason

I tell you to go and pray to God
But my friend
I don't even believe if there's a God or not

I tell you innumerable things
I never did
I am just a creature
Who, in a bad situation, always hid,

When you lie,
you're listening to me lecture you
When in my life I have never been true.

So come on my friend
I am no angel
Whatever teaching I send
Is always fake
So there is a request to you I make
Before listening to anyone
You should see
If you can spot
Any irony.

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