Eternal Universe Of Mercury

A collection of my old and new poems.


21. #20 I Beg Him (13/07/15)

I beg his eyes
To look at me for once 
Even a glance would suffice this hungry soul
A link with those eyes, make me lost
They're no less than a black hole.

I beg his lips to turn up to heaven
Those pretty little teeth
Flash to burn the darkness around me
So I find my way in the sunless day
With his smile even a blind will start to see. 

I beg his ears 
To listen to my voice
When I try to sing in the sweetest way (im)possible 
Just so he could hear my voice
So he could hear only me above all the noise.  

I beg his nose
To smell this cheap perfume I wear
Just for his receptors to be aware
Of my invisible presence in his life
So in his mind my cheap perfume runs rife. 

I beg his skin 
To feel the waves of my love
On his tiny hair which makes dots of goosebumps
And wave them as if a wind is blowing
Out on his skin my love is always flowing. 

I beg him
To beg for me 
The way I beg for him
If only his soul is as tattered as mine.

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