Eternal Universe Of Mercury

A collection of my old and new poems.


3. #2 The Sweater Of Your Warm Love (6/06/16)

Knit that sweater for me, please,
That sweet humming with its peaceful catch
Your hands and their darkening crease,
A mere cloth of your hard work
To stay with me.

When it wraps around me 
On a chilly day
I'll feel your love
Your warm embrace.

Under the sunlight
I'll dream of the rows,
Silly reasons to fight,
But even if for a day, I was your foe,
Your love would cook for me,
Knead the chapati dough

Make me that beautiful sweater
On my ninetieth Christmas when you're above
I'll wear your colours, my dear mother,
Which will remind me of your undying love.

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