She's Just A Joke

At school ,
at home ,
anywhere she goes ....
She's only a joke ...


4. Chapter 4

Hanna's POV :

" What the hell " Luke said separating Christine and I from each other 

" This bitch is going to go to hell " Christine grunted pushing Luke to the side 

" Aren't i in hell already " I mumbled loud enough for her to hear

" Please do all of us a favor and die " She spat at me 

" Like i said -" Christine covered my mouth and started to beat the shit out of me leaving me with even more bruises . This will be hard to explain to my father, not like he will believe anything that i would say .

All of the sudden Luke came and pushed Christine to the ground . Everyone was pretty shocked by his actions , especially me .

" I have no fucking idea what your problem is , but get your shit together Christine . You don't have to act like a total bitch " Luke said which made her start to cry . 

She noticed how many people were there and her cheeks turned into a dark shade of red from public embarrassment . She wiped away her tears and stood up from the ground 

" You know what " Christine said giving me a fake smile " At least I am relevant here . I'm not surprised why your mom passed away , she was too stressed knowing that she gave birth to an ugly piece of shit like you." She chuckled

" I mean come on , everyone hates your guts here , why dont you end ur life once and for all , wake up hon , no one cares about you not even your own father wanted to- "

That was it .

I ran over to her and slammed her against the wall . Now i could finally let out all of my anger on someone that i truly , deeply hate . I scratched her face that was fully covered in makeup, with my long nails that i luckily did not cut yesterday . She screamed in pain , but did i care ? no.

She grabbed me by my hair and slammed my face against the lockers . Everyone started to take out their phones and recorded everything . 

" beat her ass " " give her a taste of her own medicine " was what everyone said . Slowly after minutes the crowd became bigger and bigger, until 

" What is going on in here ?"



I haven't really used Movella a lot lately and im sorry guys . But if ya want you can follow my wattpad accound : RainbowGalaxyUnicorn . I promise i will try to update more . 

Peace out 




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