She's Just A Joke

At school ,
at home ,
anywhere she goes ....
She's only a joke ...


3. Chapter 3

Hanna's POV :

"What do you guys want ?" I asked annoyed crossing my arms and standing up . They came closer to me and pushed me to the ground .

" A little bird told me that you were messing around with Luke's girlfriend " Said a guy with pink hair .

" And who every messes with her messes with us " 

I tried my best to hold in my laughter because this was so damn ridiculous .The others were standing right next to him and as i looked behind them , I saw that there was that little bitch standing there with a smirk across her face.

" Yeah, and? " I asked raising my brow standing up , brushing the dirt of me . 

She came up closer to me and said

" Just like Luke said, I am going to make sure your life is a living hell "

" Well it is already since i live with you " I said getting closer to her crossing my arms.

And just like that she slapped me in the face . I touched my cheek and felt the burn . 

She smirked at me " I am not surprised why your mom died " She stopped and looked at me from down to up 

" I mean , who would ever wan't a child like you ? Not even your own father " She chuckled.  I formed a fist and punched her in the face . We started to pull each others hair. More and more people came and they formed into a circle . I wiped the blood out of my mouth and kicked her in the stomach . 

She screamed so, so loud i swear my mom could even hear her in heaven .

And thats it when she lost it .

She ran over to me and held me tight on the floor .

Punching me everywhere in my face .

Just when she was about to knock me out someone came over to us . 


Hellooo Unicorns 

I hope You guys had a great day . And sorry for not updating . Also i would like to apologize that this chapter is short . 





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