The Next Door Neighbour 4

What happens when the gang reunites after 10 years?


5. Chapter 5


"Can Katie stay forever," Scarlett said as she sat on my lap as I braided her hair.

"No Scarlett, Katie needs to go soon," Eleanor replied.

"But I'll be back soon to come and visit you loads and loads," I replied.

"Yay," Scarlett smiled. "You are my favourite of all Mummy and Daddy's friends," She whispered in my ear.

"Well thank you, I'm very honoured," I smiled.

"Hey Honey, we're back," I heard Louis call.

"We're in the living room," Eleanor called back from where she was sat opposite me on the sofa.

"Hey babe ... oh hey Katie, didn't realise you were still here," Louis said weirdly.

"Well, that was the most awkward greeting I've ever had," I chuckled, standing up to hug him.

It was as I stood up I saw who was behind him, Harry.

"Hi," I said quickly towards Harry.

"Hi," He replied.

"Uncle Harry," Scarlett exclaimed, running up to Harry and hugging his legs.

"I didn't realise she was still here," I heard Louis say to Eleanor quietly.

"Hey Scarlett, how are you today?" Harry smiled, bending down and talking to her.

"I'm so so great, but I have to go and see Katie now because she is my favourite," Scarlett smiled.

"Hey, I thought I used to be your favourite," Harry replied.

"Yes, you used to be, but Katie is more funnier and more cooler than you," Scarlett replied.

"Ha," I laughed. "The six-year-old knows," I smiled, looking at Harry.

"Oh really, can Katie do this?" Harry smiled, grabbing Scarlett and holding her in the air and spinning her around, I could hear Scarlett giggling so loudly, that it made me smile.

"Ok, ok stop," Scarlett said, out of breath from laughing. "You can both be my favourites," She smiled.

"Aw that's nice sweetie," Eleanor smiled.

"Now you need to sit next to each other, so I can sit in the middle," Scarlett instructed.

Harry sat down next to me and place Scarlett in the middle. I liked how normal this felt like I said before Harry and I were cool and we had both moved on, but that didn't mean we couldn't be friends.

"I like both of you because you have very curly hair," Scarlett smiled, looking at me and then Harry.

I smiled at her, bless her she was so sweet.

"Okay Scarlett, I think it's time for bed now sweetie," Eleanor said.

I had been at Eleanor's almost all day and I hadn't even realised, time had quite literally flown by.

"No, I want to stay down here with the adults," Scarlett replied.

"Scarlett, come on now or you will be tired tomorrow," Louis smiled.

"Well I want to be tired, I think it's really fun," Scarlett replied stubbornly.

"If you don't go to bed, you won't be allowed to go swimming tomorrow," Louis said.

I saw Scarlett think about it for a while. "Okay fine, but I want Katie and Uncle Harry to tuck me into bed,"

"You guys don't have to do that," Eleanor smiled.

"Nah, it's fine," I smiled. "Come on then," I said to Scarlett. "Show me where your bedroom is,"

Scarlett lead us both upstairs and into a very pink little girls room, we tucked her into bed and got her comfortable, before closing the door behind us.

"Well," I smiled at Harry.

And he kissed me. Just right there and then. No warning.

"Harry stop," I said quietly. "We can't, this is wrong,"

"But last night was amazing," Harry replied.

"No," I said. "Yes it was amazing, but this wrong and I can't do it,"

Harry nodded. "But don't you remember when we used to sneak around, back in the old days," Harry smiled.

"That was when we were young and stupid and not married and engaged," I added.

"That was when we were in love," Harry smirked.

"Harry, look, that was ten years ago, I'm a completely different person and I've moved on," I said, starting to make my way back downstairs.

"That's not what it seemed like last night," Harry said, I could tell he was smirking even though he was behind me.

I ignored his comment and walked back into the living room.

"Thanks so much for having me El, but I really should be heading off, Gavin will be wondering where I've got too," I laughed, gaining eye contact with Harry as I said the word Gavin.

"Well it was so nice to see you," Eleanor smiled, standing up and embracing me in a warm hug. "I'll see you soon yeah, now we're back in contact I'm not letting you go," She chuckled.

"Yeah, I'll see you soon," I smiled. "Bye Louis," I smiled. "Bye," I said in Harry's direction.

- - -

"So I was thinking," I said later that night whilst Gavin and I were eating dinner. "Being around Eleanor and her family all day, it's made me think about children. Like they were so cute and I, I dunno I want some,"

"You want children?" Gavin asked.

"Well I don't know, I think so,, don't you?" I questioned.

"Well yes at some point, but do you really think we are ready?" He asked.

"I dunno," I replied. "When is anyone ever ready, it's just a thing that happens when it feels right and I don't know about you but I feel it's right," I added.

"But what about our careers, are we willing to throw them all away for some child," Gavin asked.

"It's not like we both have to stay at home all day, you will continue you to work as normal and I'll work part time," I answered, he was really missing the point here.

"Have you ever heard of a part time hotel manager?" Gavin chuckled, but in a rather mocking way. "Look babe, I just don't know if we are both ready yet,"

"Gavin, I'm almost 30 and your 32, when are we going to be ready?" I said, dragging out the 'are'.

"Like you said, when the time is right," He replied.

I paused, thinking about it for a while. We did both have amazing careers. "Maybe you're right," I sighed. "I don't know if I am ready just yet," I smiled.

I was lying. I was ready to be a Mother.




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