The Next Door Neighbour 4

What happens when the gang reunites after 10 years?


4. Chapter 4


Eleanor's POV

"Did you speak to Katie last night?" I asked Louis over breakfast.

"No, I didn't get a chance to," Louis replied, buttering some toast.

"Yeah, I barely spoke to her either now I think about it," I said. "After Harry turned up, we left them to talk,"

"Yeah I saw them leave together and didn't see them after that," Louis added.

"What?" I asked. "You saw them leave together!" I exclaimed.

"Yes," Louis replied slowly. "Why, what wrong with that? I though maybe Harry was giving Katie a lift home or something, I didn't really look too deep into it," I explained.

"You don't think they hooked up do you?" I asked.

"No, Katie's married and Harry engaged," I answered.

"Well yes I know that, but I saw them talking and there is still a spark between them, I think there always will be," I said.

"Katie wouldn't cheat on her husband, she knows what it feels like to be cheated upon," Louis said, practically defending her.

"Harry's done it before, who says he wouldn't again," I added.

"He learnt his lesson," Louis stated.

"Well I'm gonna call her to come over for lunch," I smiled.

"What so you can interrogate her about why she left with Harry?" Louis asked.

"No, so we can just catch up and chat," I said rolling my eyes at him.


Katie's POV

"Morning gorgeous," Gavin smiled as I entered the front door. "Where have you been?"

"So sorry, I went back to Eleanor's after the party and just fell asleep, we were all just talking for so long," I smiled, I hated how easily that lie came to me.

"I thought you'd probably done something like that," Gavin smiled. "Have you eaten, I've just made pancakes,"

I had eaten so much at the hotel, but if I didn't eat these pancakes he might guess something was up. You don't crash at your friends house and then eat breakfast. You crash, wake up and come home to your husband how may be worried.

"Mmm perfect," I smiled. "I'm just gonna go and shower and change first,"

I stood in the shower, hoping the warm water would cleanse me and wash away the guilt that I still felt inside of me. But what Gavin doesn't know can't hurt him. It was a one time thing and we had both promised it would never happen again, so Gavin or Amanda had nothing to worry about.

I came back into the kitchen, once cleaned and in fresh clothes, to the glorious smell of pancakes. Gavin handed me a plateful and despite how full I already was, I had to eat them as they smelt so nice.

"Your friend Eleanor just called whilst you were in the shower," Gavin said.

My heart skipped a beat. He knows. He knows I didn't stay at Eleanor's, which means he knows I lied and therefore he knows something dodgy is going on.

"What did she say?" I asked nervously, taking another bite of my pancakes.

"Oh she wanted to know if you wanted to go round to hers for lunch today, she invited me as well," Gavin answered.

My heat skipped another beat, this was all going wrong, Gavin was going to find out.

"But unfortunately I can't babe, I've got a golf lunch today. I hope you don't mind," Gavin explained.

I was probably a bit too happy about this. "It's fine, you can meet them all another time," I smiled.

- - -

"Hey!" Eleanor smiled greeting me at the door.

"Hi," I smiled, embracing her in a hug.

"Who's there Mummy?" A little girl, stood by Eleanor's leg, asked.

"Oh my God, you must be Ellen, who you've grown so much," I smiled at the young girl who must have been about six years old.

"Actually this is Scarlett, my youngest," Eleanor replied. "Ellen's actually eleven now,"

"No way," I replied.

"And Jacob," Scarlett added.

"And our middle one is called Jacob and he's eight," Eleanor smiled at Scarlett.

"Oh wow, I feel like I've missed so much," I smiled.

"This is one of Mummy's best friends," Eleanor said to Scarlet, we both bent down so we were nearer her height.

"Hello, it's nice to meet you," I smiled.

"I like you hair," Scarlett replied, touching my hair.

"Ah thank you," I smiled.

"It's very curly, like Uncle Harry's," She said.

"Why don't you go and play with your toys," Eleanor smiled to Scarlett.

"Let's go and have a cup of tea," She smiled.

"Ellen, this is one of my best friends, she knew you when you were just a baby," Eleanor said as we walked into the kitchen to find a small brunette girl doing her homework.

"Katie, right," Ellen smiled.

"Yes," I smiled. "And you must be Ellen,"

"Yes, I think we've already established that, and don't tell me I'm so grown up as that's what most people do, so if you want to get in my good books, you need to do something original," Ellen stated.

"I'll make us some tea," Eleanor smiled, laughing at Ellen.

"Well, you've really put me on the spot here," I smiled, sitting down next to Ellen.

"How about I let you use the pool at my hotel," I smiled.

"You own a hotel?" Ellen nodded, writing something down in her notebook. "I'm afraid bribery doesn't work though," She sighed.

"Ok, what else could I do?" I asked, playing along.

"You could answer some of my questions," Ellen said.

"Ok sure, what kind of questions?" I asked.

"Why are you in England?" Ellen questioned.

"Um, I live here," I chuckled.

"But why do you have an American accent?" Ellen asked.

"Because I was born there," I replied.

"I'm not an idiot, even Scarlett could have worked that one out," Ellen said. "What brought you to England?"

"Well I moved here about 13 years ago to study at a University in London, but I hated it so I dropped out and I met your Mum and all her friends," I explained.

"Interesting, so you know the whole gang?" Ellen asked, noting all my answered own in her notebook.

"Yes, I haven't seen all of them in about seven years though," I smiled.

"Ok, let's talk about Harry," Ellen said, looking up from her notebook at me.

I had no idea how this kid knew so much about me, but I was finding it rather entertaining. All the answered I was giving her, she somehow already knew.

"Here's you tea," Eleanor smiled. "What are you girls talking about?"

"I'm just asking Katie some questions so I can understand her," Ellen explained.

"Why do you need to understand her?" Eleanor chuckled.

"Well because I have never heard of her before and all of a sudden this morning, she is a massive deal and I heard you and Daddy talking in the kitchen this morning," Ellen said.

"We were just excited that our old friend is back in town," Eleanor smiled, rolling her eyes at me.

"Well I'm not done with my questions yet," Ellen smiled. "So back to Harry. You were his girlfriend for seven years but then you broke up. Why?"

"You don't have to answer that," Eleanor smiled at me.

"No it's fine, it's cool, Harry and I are cool," I smiled. "Well he wasn't very nice to me so I broke up with him," I smiled.

"Is that what you translate to he cheated on you," Ellen stated.

I chuckled slightly, why was I finding this so funny?

"Ok Ellen, that's enough, why don't you go watch some TV in the lounge," Eleanor smiled.

"You're kid is so funny," I smiled. "I found that extremely entertaining,"

"Are you okay?" Eleanor asked, completely changing the mood.

"Yeah, I'm great," I smiled, still laughing slightly.

"Just wondering, so you and Harry talked?" She asked.

"Yeah, it was good. We just talked and got some closure, we're all good now," I smiled.

"I'm glad," Eleanor smiled. "Now let's do some proper catching up,"

And we did. We talked for about three hours straight and then Perrie arrived with her two boys Jake and Henry. She also brought round Jacob, Eleanor's son, who had been at Perrie's for a playdate. It was great to properly catch up with them both and to meet their families, I feel like I had missed out on such a big part of both of their lives.



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