Game of Life

A collection of poems inspired by the cards in a tarot deck! This little endeavor was conceived in order to let me understand the tarot deck more, so everything is quite experimental, and may be a little confusing as well. Hope you enjoy! ;)


6. V - The Hierophant

Keywords: Tradition & Religion, Book knowledge/ Education, a teacher figure... 

From the minds of our forefathers
Came the explanation 
For inexplicable phenomenon
Grouped together, they became
The superstitions and traditions of a region 
Before the advent of science 
Was the prominence of religion 
Faith was the most powerful weapon 
And devotion as precious as gold 

Within a belief system 
Lies the roots of education
For how else does one pass on 
The doctrines of our ancestors?

Yet education walked the line
Between rationale and imagination 
For it taught both
Yet contradicted both 
And it's power
Is greater
Than that of beliefs and logic combined 

So do not underestimate 
The power of a teacher
For his influence is finite
Yet immeasurable to the pupil 


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