Game of Life

A collection of poems inspired by the cards in a tarot deck! This little endeavor was conceived in order to let me understand the tarot deck more, so everything is quite experimental, and may be a little confusing as well. Hope you enjoy! ;)


5. IV - The Emperor

Keywords: Fatherly love, structure, control 

The primordial state of being
s twisted into submission
By the orderly nature of the Emperor 
Unbowed is his back 
Stiff from all those boundaries 
He sets upon himself 

Restraint, rules, regulations 
All of which the Emperor lives by 
And imposes upon others 

For he is the other half 
Of a family 
The Empress's consort 
The father, the authoritarian, the bureaucrat 
She is a raw force, he is the tamed current 

The way a parent shapes their child 
Together, they shape the world


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