Game of Life

A collection of poems inspired by the cards in a tarot deck! This little endeavor was conceived in order to let me understand the tarot deck more, so everything is quite experimental, and may be a little confusing as well. Hope you enjoy! ;)


2. I - The Magician

Key words: Actions, capability, manifesting goals, talent 

Do not be daunted by a task
Be it finding purpose, be it finding you 
For all humans are born equal 
With the capacity to change the world 
What differentiates us
From the gods 
Is our ability to reinvent
Our thoughts, our actions merge as one 
We manifest what we want 
For the sake of Earth, for the sake of us
All it takes is simply to act
On our desires
On our plans 
On our principles
Break them, if you must
But only for the sake 
Of making your dreams


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