Steady, As She Goes

Something's up in Tatum, Texas. Josephine Vela keeps low profile. She tends the cattle on the family farm, sneaks in kisses with Caroline behind the barns, and drinks Luz, childhood best friend and oldest son of the influential Flores family, under the table. Right up until she shoots his dad.


1. The beginning



"Was this you? Did you do this?"

"Please, I - "

"Don't just stand there, someone call for Luis! He might not be dead yet!"

"He's dead... I'm so sorry, I..."

"I need you to come with me."

Her lips are quivering. 

"Give me the gun. Give me the goddamn gun or I swear I will put this bullet straight through your head."

She gives him the gun. 

"Good.. good. Clean up. We need to have a talk."

Down the stairs. There are blood stains on her fingertips. He opens the door and outside the light is so blinding it's all






And there are people outside. And there is Caroline. They move past her and their eyes lock. Josephine can see her lips move. Eyes terrified, body stiff. 

"What have you done?"


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