Just For The Summer (TC Carter After Romeo Fanfiction)

TC is a singer but all sirena wants is a guy that appreciates her for her. Not a guy that's just gonna use her for her looks and her love and a waste of her time. She needs a guy that will appreciate having her over all the time and loving her and having her for her nothing else.

what will happen??


1. No School Day for Me!!

         Today is June 18,2014. Now my name is Sirena Brooks. I go to high school. I can't believe how many days of school we have left. But yet today I'm suppose to be in school but I have to go to a funeral in Massachusetts. I just cant get over the fact that I'm missing this band today.


Oh wait let me introduce myself first. I'm a girl that loves singing writing songs skating and performing but not in front of people. I know it makes no type of sense. anyways, I've been in love with this band called After Romeo and they are amazing. I just need to see them and meet them already. I just want to see them and I'll be happy as fuck.


But I don't think that's happening today since I'm in Massachusetts. So, now I'm in Mass and dreaming about the band that I've loved for so long and I need to meet. But family and friends are more important than a band I guess. I am going to go see them when they go to Garden state Plaza. I'm just so excited to see them soon.



what will happen when I get to the concert they have at Garden State Plaza??

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