Just For The Summer (TC Carter After Romeo Fanfiction)

TC is a singer but all sirena wants is a guy that appreciates her for her. Not a guy that's just gonna use her for her looks and her love and a waste of her time. She needs a guy that will appreciate having her over all the time and loving her and having her for her nothing else.

what will happen??


3. Meet & Greet Time <3

         We got to their hotel room and started to get ready. I almost fainted since I saw Jayk take his shirt off. Then I saw TC and I wanted to die. But I love TC more so I pretty much fainted when I saw him with no shirt on. Then when we got to the point when they had to get makeup I ran to them and said


"why do u need makeup you all look perfectly fine you don't need it!!"


"Sirena's right why do we need it we have enough on. Thank you Sirena for helping our face. HaHaHaHa." Jayk said.


"Yeah thanks Ba... I mean Sirena." TC smiled.


"We know what you were gonna say TC." Drew explained to him with the death look and we know what you were saying in your head.


"fine then." TC blushed.


"It's ok guys I'd rather have u call me babe than those fuckboys out in the world or in my school in general!!" I exclaimed.


"Oh like who would call you babe in your school. Who do we have to kill." Blake stated.


"This kid Xavier he always tries to call me his babe and he's not really mine cause he's more of a cousin to me since his cousin is my best friend for about 16 years now.so you can kill him if u want or just confront him.LOL" I said.


"I will but whose going to help me?" TC said/asked everyone.


Drew raised his hand and so did Jayk and Devin and Blake. I couldn't believe that they were going to actually go to his house and confront him and make sure that he doesn't try anything on me ever again. I love them so much and I only know them as a band and that's it. I still love Xavier but as a cousin or a friend or just as a guy that likes me.



"But can I tell you something if you say come on outside let's fight he will beat every single one of u. Unless you have a big ass bodyguard then he wont but he will try to beat him up to." I explained to them.


"We got this Jayk was in karate. I was in boxing. Devin took tyquando. Drew took fencing. Blake took boxing also. So I think we got this." TC said to me.


"What about your body guard?" I questioned.


"He's pretty big." Jayk said as he opened the hotel room door.


I was all good. So, I ran straight to shirtless TC and he gave me his number as I sat on his lap. I then texted him and I saved him as Prince in my phone. He saved me as Princess in his phone. I just smiled so fucking much. I love him and I'm not even dating him yet. I then looked him right in the eye and we weren't facing any of the guys we were facing the window. then TC leaned in and attached his lips to mine and they were the perfect fit for mine. I was so happy with his lips attached to mine. I have always loved TC and I can't believe that I just kissed the guy that I've really loved for a long time. I then pulled back and I smiled at him and bit my lip and then he smiled to and I put my head on his shoulder as we looked out the window at the same time. I was so happy. Then TC whispered in my ear.


"I know I just met u but will you give me the pleasure to be your boyfriend?"


"I would love to." I answered as I hugged him.


Then we were ready to go to the meet and greet. I then got in the van and sat on TC's lap again. I was so happy to be his. I just hope that he tells Jayk, Blake, devin, and Drew. But with them they will probably just figure it out. I just can't get over the fact that I'm actually dating the guy of my dreams. I love TC so much. But will I do for him since he asked me and now I need to give him something to pay him back for picking me for his Juliet and now I am his Juliet.


I have to think of something and I will. For my party for my birthday maybe. Maybe just a party in general. I'll think about it but we have a meet and greet to go to right now.







*20 minutes later*


We arrived at the mall for the meet and greet and then I saw my friend Jada on line and I remembered that I gave somebody else the meet and greet tickets. But I decided to give it to Jada since she really loves Blake.TC gave me the tickets and I ran to Jada and gave them to her. She hugged me so tight. But then I said I'll see u later and I ran back to TC and everybody else since I had to stay on then stage. I was just so prepared for everything to happen with me Jada Blake and TC backstage hopefully Blake and Jada hit it off become BF and GF or just best friends. Hopefully it happens. I would love to see Jada have a boyfriend already. I've helped her so much but I just couldn't find anybody for her. so, I decided to help her by giving her these meet and greet tickets. I love them so much.



Then after everybody got there pictures we all hung out backstage. I couldn't wait to see what Jada was going to do when she can sit down with Blake and talk to him. I couldn't wait. I just wanted Blake to know that Jada really loves him a lot. Like more than any other girl loves him.










What will happen at the Meet & Greet Hang Out Session??



We will have to wait and see in the next chapter!!







ILY Guys so much I can't wait for you guys to hear more of my stories!!







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