Just For The Summer (TC Carter After Romeo Fanfiction)

TC is a singer but all sirena wants is a guy that appreciates her for her. Not a guy that's just gonna use her for her looks and her love and a waste of her time. She needs a guy that will appreciate having her over all the time and loving her and having her for her nothing else.

what will happen??


4. Hang Out Session with After Romeo

     It's time to hang out. I pulled Blake aside to talk to him about Jada really liking him a lot.


"I have to say that the one girl over there that's all smiling and shit shes my best friend well one of them and she really loves u. She loves u and all of the cats I don't know about but she does love u a lot. Blake if u can do this  I would love you." I said.


"Ok and what do you want me to do?" Blake questioned.


"Talk to her about WWE and just her not school or friends just u and her like your the only ones in the room with each other. She will love you even more if you do that!!" I exclaimed.


"Ok fine I'll do it plus she's really cute anyways." Blake said smiling as he hugged me and walked over by Jada.


They were hitting it off I could tell by her smile and him laughing. I was really hoping that they will hit it off. I'll be happy for Jada if they become good friends or even more than that like me and TC did. I really can't wait to see what happens between them both. I just think that they are really cute together. They both are cute and they are perfect for each other. Then I thought about me and TC and I turned around and found TC flirting with some other girl and I couldn't stop looking. I then saw TC look up and his smile disappeared. He saw I was upset so I ran away and I went passed Jayk and he saw me and asked the girl he was talking to if he could talk to me and she said its fine.



":Sirena what's wrong?" Jayk asked as he hugged me.


"TC was flirting with another girl right in front of me and in the same room as me. I can't Jayk. Why is he doing that." I stuttered as I cried with my makeup running down my cheeks.


"It's ok its just TC is cute to the girls and he is going to find girls attractive and if he doesn't think you're attractive he's crazy cause your fucking beautiful and if he cant see that I don't know what he sees!!" Jayk exclaimed as he kissed my forehead.


"Thanks Jayk. I love you and that's why I love u as my best friend. You guys have helped me a lot and I just can't believe that TC did that to me and were together. Like what the fuck. I think I'm not ready for this and I can't deal with him doing that to me all the time." I stated.


"It's ok Sirena it's going to be........." Jayk paused because he saw TC standing right in front of us where we were hugging and Jayk was holding me cause I was crying so fucking hard.


"Sirena I'm so sorry I wasn't trying to flirt with her she just wanted to fuck me and I could tell because she kept on trying to feel me up. I'm so sorry and you know what you can hate me but I'm not gonna live this down I'm gonna make it up to u. I'm staying with u for the rest of this. sirena I may have just met you but I love you as more than my girlfriend but I love you as my wife. I fucking love you so fucking much. I just want you to be in my arms for the rest of my life." TC explained as he had tears forming in his eyes and getting on his knees begging me to not be mad at him.

All I did was stare at him and I could speak I was speechless I couldn't believe that he actually does love me. So, I looked at him in the eyes told him to stand up and turn around and then I made him turn back around and I jumped on him as I hugged him so tight I just didn't want to let go.


"I understand that you're famous but I need to know that you won't do this when I'm not around and your on out. cause I can trust you but what am I gonna do with this shit." I said. He nodded his head yes meaning he wont do it. I was happy as fuck so I hugged him tight again.





Then Jada came up to me and she said thank you and she hugged me and said I'll see you next week I guess. Than she went by Blake and hugged him and he looked at her ass as she walked away and went towards her mom to go home and get in the car. I was happy but for what.


"Blake what happened?" I asked.


"We hit it off so I gave her my number and she gave me her number. We are gonna go out this week or maybe next week since were on tour this week and come off of tour next week. so are you coming on the rest of the tour with us now?" Blake explained and asked me.


Than I turned around to where TC and my mom were standing and talking since he was asking my mom right now. TC looked at me all nervous. Than my mom looked at me and nodded in agreement that I can go on tour with them. I was so happy.


"Are you serious mom?" I questioned.

"Yes your grades are good and your good and you deserve it and plus you really love them and now you have a good boyfriend and I know you will be very protected by the bodyguards and its only half a week. So, I'll be good just text me and call me all the time." My Mom explained.


My sister and my uncle looked at me and said have fun and be careful don't do anything stupid either. then they laughed and so did I. I turned around and ran to TC and he catch'd me and he hugged me with his face in my neck. I love him so much and we just started dating. I went home and packed. Plus, my dad and other sisters weren't home so I wouldn't get in trouble and I'm gonna face time my friend in my classes so that I can still get marked in school and I'll get credit and I'll be all good and I'll have everything I need when I go back to school and everybody's gonna ask questions to but whatever. I don't give a fuck what they ask me.


TC then went in my car with me and all he said was damn can we take this for tour. It's like a party back here. My mom said if you want to but you have to get AC in it. TC ok but is it ok with you and your husband. We will pay for everything. TC kept on saying thank you. Plus me and his called the back anyways since it's like a bed and me and him are going to be sleeping with each other in one bed.




So, I ran upstairs took 2 suitcases and started to pack. I was done packing in like 45 minutes. I was ready for this tour. They wanted me to sing and dance on stage before they would start singing or performing. I didn't care I loved singing and dancing. But I didn't need fancy clothes so I was really happy about that. Than I saw all of them and I almost died again cause now they know where I live and its weird but cool since now they are going swimming here right now.

Then my dad and my sisters came home. I was screwed. My dad looked at me in the pool with After Romeo and asked me:

"What do you think your doing?"

"She's going on tour with these gentlemen and she's not the only girl so don't worry. And they are taking the van. I'll tell you why I said yes just come with me." My mom stated.






*On the side*


"Why is she going on tour with them? Why didn't you ask me first?" My dad said.


"She has good grades they asked me if she can go to sing and open for them. I said yes then they asked me to take the van I said yes because it has cameras in it and I can keep and eye on Sirena and them. They wont do anything I know them. But I'm allowing it cause they are going to pay for everything. That's why I agreed to all of this. I'm just happy that sirena is happy and she not trying to fit in with everybody else in school. she might be on the news to." My mom explained.


"Why?" My dad questioned.


"She's dating TC." My mom said. "TC can u raise you hand." Then TC raised his hand.


I warned him to be nice to my dad cause I'm his baby girl and he doesn't want me to get hurt by any boy or anybody actually. He's mostly overprotective of me. He just doesn't want his princess to get hurt by stupid boys. Which I can understand in his point of view I would be the same with my daughter.


TC then met my dad and my dad approved. Then I kissed them and hugged them and I got in the van and I waved out the window. My mom started to cry and so did I to tell you the truth. But that's normal for us cause I've never went away without my mom. I was always with my mom everywhere I went. Birthday parties, concerts, hotel getaways, shopping, movies, field trips for school almost everything. I just love my mom and this is killing me to go away but I'm getting paid and I'm with the boy of my dreams and now my boyfriend and the guy that has been my hero for a very long time.















What will happen on tour??

I hope I get a scholarship or an audition for singing for this??

What will happen with me?

Will I get famous overnight?

Will they like me on tour with After Romeo?

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