The word `Nirvana comes from the Sanskrit `nir and vati`. Means to `extinguish`- like extinguishing a flame. Nirvana is liberation from cycle of birth and death and release from sorrows and sufferings. Nirvana is salvation and perfect bliss.


2. Salvation

The path of Nirvana leads to relentless search,

The traveler knocks at every door to come to his own door,

wanders to every shrine

finds his innermost sanctuary

as " the human in him paced with the divine."


" He is above all, through all and in all."- says St. Paul.

The experience of world consciousness in each and all,

Nature, family, in society and state-

The heart of a world in which all hearts are one.


" Life dies into the fullness."

Self-transcendence, not annihilation

nor the abdication of earthly for ethereal;

Nirvana lies in the great joy of release

within the innumerable bonds and ties of life.


" Practice is not Nirvana,

  it is Nirvana."- declares Zen master Dogen.

Nirvana is the state of mind,

each moment is Nirvana and infinite

as the soul vibrates in perfect accord with the eternal.


Kabir says:

 " He is neither manifest nor hidden.

He is neither revealed nor unrevealed.

There are no words to tell that which He is."


A profound peace featureless and stillness settles within;

A silent unnamed emptiness content,

The "I" merged in the infinite white radiance,

Myself in everything enters the Great Myself:

" I, a tiny bubble of laughter

have become the sea of mirth Itself." -Yogananda swami.


Rumi, in faith declares his Nirvana:

" I did not come here of my own accord,

and I cannot leave that way.

whoever brought me here will have to take me home."


A mystic's Nirvana in life:

" He plunged in to the vat.

someone called, " come on out, you're done!"

He replied in rapture.- "How can I ?  I am the vat."

A close identification with everything.

A peace, a light, an ecstasy.- the kingdom within.

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