Treat You Better


2. ~Chapter 2~

Chapter 2-

Lavenders POV

Everything was a blur. I could feel the beating, but it was already like I was gone. Like I was somewhere outside my body. Like a lost soul trying to find its right place again. But I didn't want to. I didn't want to look him in the eyes. Didn't want him to tell me how awful I was and how I had to do my hair to not look like a whore. "I TOLD YOU NOT TO WEAR THOSE SHORTS YOU LITTLE SLUT" I was regaining my sight, I touched my face, but all I could feel was blood. Streaming from my left eyebrow. And the bruises all around my body. I tried to hold back the tears, he couldn't see me cry. He would kill me.

Shawn's POV

I decided to go to her house. I just had to see her. I was willing to do what it took. She didn't deserve this.

When I finally got to her house at the end of the street, the front door was already open. "Lav? Are you there!?"

Was that her? I could definitely hear someone crying now! "I'm coming in now Lav."

Lavender's POV

No! Don't go in here. Don't do it! I thought to myself. But it was too late. I tried to keep him out of this, but now he's just walking directly into it. I closed my eyes and wished for a miracle, but of course miracles don't just happen because some stupid girl wishes for one.

Shawn stepped in and as soon as Johnny saw him he started yelling "IS THIS WHO YOU'RE SLUTTING AROUND WITH YOU LITTLE WHORE? IS THIS YOUR LITTLE EXTRA BOYFRIEND?" " No it's.."


I tried to send Shawn a signal to run away, but he didn't catch it. All I could see was his amazing face. The face that was about to get beaten up. I closed my eyes. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HER?" WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" ARE YOU CRAZY?" It was Shawn. He shouldn't be saying that. He should get the hell away from this place. I heard something banging against the wall and someone landing on the floor. I sat with my eyes closed and hands on my ears. After a while I slightly opened my eyes. I wasn't shocked, but i was devastated. Of course Shawn was laying on the floor. Slightly beaten. But still I could see he was in pain.

Shawn's POV

The pain was intense, it was everywhere, but that wasn't important. I managed to get up. I looked around the room until my eyes found her. "Lav" My throat hurt. "CAN YOU PLEASE JUST STAY AWAY FROM ME SHAWN" She was crying. "Hey, it's gonna be fine Lavey. Why are you with this idiot?" "You don't get it Shawn.. He." "I know, but Lav. Just know you don't have to do this alone, I promise I'll never let you down."

Suddenly Lavender stood up " Shawn, stop it, this isn't gonna be something, I'm with Johnny now. Nothing can really change that." And then she ran away.

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