It all started when I saw the ad in the newspaper.


2. Brenton's P.O.V.

I stood on the giant rock that overlooked the school. I was the first up, because I could see no movement.

I dashed to my place, grabbed my canteen and bag, and sprinted to Nevermore's place.

I went in the door. "Hey, Mor, get up!" I whispered, knocking on the lump underneath the covers. "We need to get to the school today, and before anyone else gets up."

Nevermore rolled over to face me, her dark green hair tangled, mangled, and frizzy. "What?"

"Valley, now. We're first up," I said.

Nevermore sat up, pushed the covers back, and got up out. She pulled on a shirt, her jacket, and pants, and she grabbed her canteen and bag. She came up to me, and we walked outside.

"Ready?" I asked her.

Nevermore nodded. "Ready."

I looked straight ahead, took in a deep breath, and took off running, Nevermore right behind.

We reached the rope that led down into the valley in about half of a minute.

I grabbed the rope with two hands and one leg. I kicked off of the other leg, then put that one up with the other. The rope burned, but I was used to it.

I jumped off when I reached the bottom, and gave Nevermore a thumbs up. She went down as I did.

Just as she reached the bottom, I heard yelling in the distance. She looked at me frantically.

"Quick!" I whispered. "Before they all wake up!"

She started to run, and I ran beside her.

We finally reached the clearing. 

We made it today, I thought. We've got about two minutes until we reach the school. We'll make it.

I looked over at Nevermore. She was looking around nervously, but she met my eyes. I nodded, and we started to sprint in the direction of the building.

We were only about thirty seconds in when, suddenly, I heard a crack ahead of us.

I looked off to the side and dove into a bush, and Nevermore quickly scrambled up a tree.

Seconds later, I saw a pair of feet cautiously jogging a few steps, but then there was a small sound, and the person fell to the ground. They stared back at me, eyes blank.

They'll get him in a minute, I thought. Then we can get to the school.

I waited for them and get him, but nothing showed up. They always did the second that things like this happened.

Something was different, and I didn't like it a bit.

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