It all started when I saw the ad in the newspaper.


3. Atlanta's P.O.V.

    "Come on, come on, come ON!" I exclaimed, rushing my parents to eat their breakfast.

    It was the first day of school.  I could barely stand because my legs were shaking of excitement and nervousness.

    "Honey, calm down.  School won't start any sooner no matter how early you arrive," my mom told me.

    "I know, but the sooner you take me, the sooner that--"

    "--We can get rid of you?" finished Dad in a joking manner.

    I clicked my tongue and laughed slightly, hoping that this would convince them.

   "Alright, alright," said my mother, stepping into the driver's side.

   I excitedly climbed into the passenger side, giggling like a six-year-old.

    Mom chuckled a bit and put the car in drive. "To the train station?"
   "To the train station!" I said, getting out my phone to read over the ad for the school again.


  "All for Narroway Academy, all for Narroway Academy!" said the man with short, blonde hair.

  Mom kissed my forehead and flattened my clothes. 

  I half-smiled at her. "Mom, trust me. I'll be fine. I'm sixteen," I said, chuckling a bit.

  "I know, I know, but...." She kissed my forehead once again. "Atlanta, I love you so much. You're so smart. You're wonderful." Tears were visible in her eyes. "You're so grown up."

  "Mom, I know. Isn't that why I'm going to this school?" I said, in a weak attempt to cheer her up.

  "Yes," she said, sniffling a bit and pulling out a handkerchief. She dabbed the corner of her eyes, examined it, then stuck it back in her clutch. "Anta, you're a beautiful young woman, inside and out. Your father and I love you. Are you sure that this school is--"

   "Yes, I am sure," I said finally.

   Mom sighed. "Alright. Write to us, call us, text us...keep in contact with us, alright, baby?"

   I nodded.

   "Last call for Narroway Academy! Last call for Narroway Academy!" yelled the man.

   I kissed my mother's cheek. "Bye, Mom. I love you!" I grabbed my suitcases and ran towards the train.

   "Atlanta!" Mom called after me.

    I spun around. "What?"

    "I-I love you, too!" she said.

    "Bye!!" I called back, and climbed onto the train.

     The door was shut behind me, and I looked around. Only three other people were on the train.

     I gasped and dropped my bags.

     A man in the back of the car started towards me.

    I smiled as sweetly as I could and picked up my bags again. "Hello, sir..."

    The man sighed deeply. "Your bags, please, ma'am?"

    I nodded, and handed them to him. "Thank you, sir."
     But he wasn't listening. He handed the bag to a tall man beside him and muttered something, then looked back at me.

    "Take a seat," he said, taking my ticket and punching a hole in it, but keeping it in his pocket.

    "May I see my ticket bac--"

    "Take a seat," he repeated, interrupting me.

    I nodded, and took a seat near the front.

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