It all started when I saw the ad in the newspaper.


1. Atlanta's P.O.V.

   The day I saw the ad in the newspaper, my whole world changed.  

   It was a notice about a school for "the elitest of the elite". It said that they needed more students, and that they would be receiving the best of education and care, and the school would be year-round. I, of course, begged to go to it. My parents finally gave in after endless whining and pleading.  Soon, I had all of my supplies ready for this school of extreme intelligence, and I could barely contain my excitement.  For my whole life I had gone to a regular school with regular teachers and regular curriculum. I was always way too advanced for my classes and was constantly bored.  At this new academy I had enrolled in, I would finally be able to be challenged.  

   "Are you sure, honey?" my parents kept saying.  "It might be a little TOO hard."

   "Mom, Dad, I'm positive!" I would reply, and run off to do a little more studying.

   My mother and father tried and tried to convince me that I should just stay where I was getting great grades instead of heading into unknown territory.  But I would not let them change my mind.  For once, I was going to feel like I fit in! But now...

   Maybe I should have stayed at my old school.

   Maybe I should have never ventured off into the unknown.

   All I can say for sure is this: going to this new school was the worst mistake I have ever made.

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