100 reasons

100 reasons suicide is good? only 3 reasons its bad. until entire community comes together to save her. (Dedicated to Adam Perron who was teacher at my school who died in a car accident on April 20th, 2016, we all love and miss you forever.)


1. the 100

ok so maybe your getting the wrong idea about me I'm really popular, fun, go to parties almost every Friday night, and I'm athletic, and everyone follows me on social media, and at school I'm a freshman at A. Perron High School in a small town in Maine. All of its students are studying some sort of environmental thing, and want to change something for the better.

No one suspects anything a girl with a rich family, tons of boys after her, already getting compliments from college scouts, but i'm not happy, no one really knows whats going on. My parents are fighting my Dad comes home drunk every night and abuses my Mum, it has turned her sour and she doesn't care for me anymore.

I have no real friends anymore my only real friend has left for Afghanistan and was killed in a explosion.

No one really knows, people think i'm fine but i'm not, school work and family hardships has been piling up, and then i cut the phsical pain helped cure my emotions and i was close to fine again so i cut more.

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