Concequences Of Being A Swift

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Sofia Swift, the sister of Taylor Swift, met Harry Styles, they liked each other but, Taylor wanted to protect her sister from getting hurt the way she did. But, will Harry change for Sofia? Will Sofia get hurt by Harry? Will Taylor learn to accept the love that Sofia and Harry have for eachother?


19. Studio

Sofia's POV

I was in my room, still thingking about what happened that Taylor's house when i got a call from my manager

" Sof, I got some great news. You need to come to the studio quickly! "- Brianna

" Fine, but be sure to tell me what it is once I got there "- Sofia

" Ofcourse, hurry "- Brianna

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I took a 15 minute bath, Once I was done, I went back to my closet and took out some black ripped skinny jeans, white cotton sweatshirt with and England flag design and some white pumps. After I put those on, I went to my dresser and took out some foundation, pink lip gloss, black mascara and some salmon blush

I put on some foundation first then went on to putting some black mascara. After that I added some blush to my cheeks and lastly I applied some pink lip gloss and did my hair in a side braid and got my purse an headed out of my room.

While I was going down the stairs. I took the house keys cause Harry left for te studio too and locked the house.

I quickly drove to the studio and saw Brianna with the biggest smile on her face with while holding an envelop and Daniel next to her

" Why are you smiling like that? " I asked while putting my purse down " read it " she said while handing me the envelop, still not losing her smile

It said:

Congratulations Ms. Sofia Swift for being No. 1 on the charts with you're three songs:

' Far From Ok '

' I Don't Wanna Grow Old '

' Hold On '

We're very proud and happy for you Ms. Sofia Swift

O.M.G.!!!!! It's all a hit! It's all a hit

" Impressive Ms. Swift. Keep up the good work " Daniel said and left the room " O.M.G. Sofia!! It's all a hit!!! We gotta celebrate like right now! " Brianna squealed " ofcourse! C'mon " I said and took my purse

We went to a small restaurant down the street and sat down at a table near the window.

A few minutes past and a waiter came to our table an took our orders

" Sofia, I'm so happy fo you! Finally you'll get noticed as the amazing singer/songwritter you are " Brianna said and I smiled as a thanks

Once our orders came, we ate and chatted about everything that could change after my songs became a hit

" Bri, do you think I deserve that? " I asked all of a sudden which shocked Brianna and even myself " ofcourse, you worked hard for all this. If anyone deserves it, you do " she said which made me smile " I just hope after those songs I'll be respected or atleast treated right and be called by my name and not just ' Taylor's Swift's sister ' " I said with a sigh " you will, I promise " she said and we continued eating.

After that, we went to a little bar but I didn't drink, I just sat at a stool and ordered juices and water if I got thirsty. I'm not much of a drinker especially in bars, not like Brianna who literally drank three glasses already and danced with some guy. Poor thing

I just sat at the stool and looked at everyone. They dances with people with glasses in their hands. While I scanned the place, I saw a familiar mop of curls. Harry? I could've sworn it was him. It has to be. And we has dancing with a girl that barely wore anything. I just looked at them. I tried to hold the tears back but some slipped. It made it worse when I got a good look at his face and I was certain he was Harry and he kissed her. Sofia, don't get jealous, you're not his girlfriends to be so.

I just looked at them with a feet tears slipping. I was destracted by my gaze when a guy held my thigh all of a sudden

" Hey! " I shouted while moving away from his reach " c'mon pretty girl. I can make you feel pleasure. C'mon with me home " he slurred. He was wasted and he thought I was too but even if I was, I wouldn't come home with him.

" No! let go of me " I said and yanked out of his reach " feisty are we. C'mon, pleasure is what eveyone wants " he slurred and hugged me " no, let me go! " I screamed loud enough for everyone to hear " she said let her go so Let.Her.Go. " a raspy voice said from behind me and he took his hands off me. Once I turned to see who it was, I saw Harry. I didn't look at him thankfully, I looked at him with hurt eyes but I tried to hide it

" Sof, are you hurt? " Brianna asked while coming up to me " no, I'm fine Bri, let's go " I said and took my purse and dragged her ourside. I heard Harry screaming my name repeatedly but I blocked him and ran faster to my car. Pretty soon I heard footsteps running after me an I knew it was him.

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