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Sofia Swift, the sister of Taylor Swift, met Harry Styles, they liked each other but, Taylor wanted to protect her sister from getting hurt the way she did. But, will Harry change for Sofia? Will Sofia get hurt by Harry? Will Taylor learn to accept the love that Sofia and Harry have for eachother?


21. Yes

Sofia's POV

Once we seperated out foreheads, Harry held me by my waist with his one hand an the held one of my hands with his one arm. I knew what he was doing, he was trying to dance with me. I put my free hand on his shoulder and we danced to nothing. There was no music outside of us, but in our heads, there was a thousand orchestras playing around us

" I love you so much " Harry whispered as he put both hands on my waist and I placed both my hands on his neck " I love you much much more than you do " I teasingly said and he noded his head no " I would kill for you and not care about going to jail and what the public would think of me " he said trying to sound like he loves me more but no, I love him more " I would die for you and not care if I go to hell or heaven, but of ourse I'll go to heaven " I said an he laughed " ofcourse you will, you're the nicest, most generous, most caring, most symphatic, most humble and just the most amazing person I know " he said and I blushed, I'm not used to compliments.

While we were swaying our hips to nothing, something came up to my head, something I wanted to tell him a long time ago. It was the bathroom insident of our first date

" Harry " I started and his head shot directly at me " yes? " he asked with a smile " do I remind you of Taylor? " I asked him and he had a wide eye expression " well, you have the same electric blue eyes with black outlines, you have the same color of hair except your curls are naturally wavy and hers are real curls and you have fuller lips than hers so I think yeah a little " he said and I looked down " she's better than me isn't she? " I asked, preparing myself for the answer " I think you're much better than her. Because you write songs like her but I like your genre more even if you're genre is close to hers and I love your features more. For me, you're the best " he said and I blushed " why do you ask? " he asked which made me remember about the incident on our first date.

I took a deap breath and I felt my lips shaking, I wasn't used to telling people about my problems.

" Well, on our first date, when I went to the bathroom, a girl came up to me and tol me Taylor was much more beautiful, talented, and looked way better with you and she said you were better off single than with me " I said and I felt tears prick my eyes remebering that scene " babe, that's not true, she's just jealous cause I chose you. Whoever that is, don't build anger up for that person, just let it go because I'm right here for you " he said and I smiled and looked at him " now stop crying cause I have a question that only you can answer " he said and I looked at him with curiosity in my eyes " what is it? " I asked really really REALLY curiouse, what kind of question was it that I'm the only one that can answer it?

Harry's POV

Here goes nothing. I'm finally gonna ask her to be mine and mine only. It's now or never.

" Sofia, you were always there for me and I want to be there for you too. You make me happy and I want to make you happy too. You make me smile and i hope I do too. Now, I want to make all that happen but one answer is all I'm needing. Will you be my girlfriend? " I asked and she looked at me, I couldn't make out her emotions, I think she's gonna say no

" YES!!! " she screamed and lifted me up to kiss me, God I really thought she would say no " I thought you were gonna say no, you had no emotions on your face " I said and she giggled " I just wanted to scare you " she said and I picked her up bridal styles and layed her down the sofa bed and laid next to her

" I love you an I'll never get tired to " I said and she smiled " same here and more " she said and kissed her one last time before falling asleep, with her FINALLY in my arms and calling her mine


Hey guys! This was suppose to be a shorter chapter but I thouught about some more things to write so it became a tad longer. Anyway please keep reading, liking and faning this movella and please like and fan me. ILYGSM!!!

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