Concequences Of Being A Swift

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Sofia Swift, the sister of Taylor Swift, met Harry Styles, they liked each other but, Taylor wanted to protect her sister from getting hurt the way she did. But, will Harry change for Sofia? Will Sofia get hurt by Harry? Will Taylor learn to accept the love that Sofia and Harry have for eachother?


10. " Wanna Meet The Boys And They're Girlfriends? "

Sofia's POV

I was at my new room unpacking some things that I had brought. I was done with my clothes and I was just putting up some things for my work desk. I was about finished when Harry came in

" Hey, wanna meet the boys when you're done? I think you'll get on real well with them and their girlfriends " Harry said with hopeful eyes " yeah sure, I'll just finish here and change and I'll be right down " I said and he left

I put up the picture of me and Taylor on my nightstand and looked at it. The picture was taken when I turned 18. We were hugging and she just told me that she signed me up for Sony, Syco Recods and we were h-happy. Something we are aren't now

I got up from my bed and went to my closet. I took out a white top and some pink shorts. I put those on and went to my dresser

I took out some black mascara, pink lip gloss, powder, foundation and some nude blush

I put on some powder first then applied some foundation. After that I put on a bit of black mascara and some nude blush. Lastly I put on some pink lip gloss.

I took my white purse and baby pink pumps and went downstairs

Once I got there, I saw Harry waiting by the stairs. When he saw me I saw a bit of twingkle in his eyes which turned me on quickly

" Wow, you look beautiful "he said and stretched his hand for me to take " thank you " I said and took his hand " let's go, they're all meeting us at this restaurant near by " he said and I noded

I hopped on the passenger seat while Harry went to the drivers seat of his Range Rover

He drove for about 20 minutes and finally pulled over a very fancy restaurant. I didn't ever bother to look at the name of it.

He opened the door for me and we got in the back door to avoid getting mobbed.

Once we got in, Harry approached one of the staff and told him they had a reservation for a private lounge and he escorted us

We sat at one of the lounges that were covered up so no one can see you

" So, are the boys taking they're girlfriends? I wanna have girlfriends " I said and he giggled " yup, they should be her- oh here they are " he said and got up to greet them and I did the same

Once we were done greeting each other, we sat down and I was seated between Harry and Eleanor Calder. I know who the boys' girlfriends are but not so much of the other boys. All I know is Louis and Harry.

" So boys except Louis, this is Sofia " Harry said and I waved at them " so Sofia this is Zayn, Niall and Liam " Louis pointed out who was who " and our girlfrieds ar- " Zayn started but I cut him off " I know who your girlfriends are, Perrie Edwards is Zayn's girlfriend, Eleanor Calder is Louis girlfriend, Danielle Peazer is Liam's girlfriend and I don't think Niall found her girl just yet " I said and they were all in shock " what? I did my reserch. I can read ya know " I joked and they laughed " Harry this is a keeper " Niall said through giggles. I blushed a little when Harry looked at me

It was a fun and tiring night. We all laughed and got to know each other. The gurls were really fun to hang with and I think I found my new perfect girlfriends

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