Concequences Of Being A Swift

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Sofia Swift, the sister of Taylor Swift, met Harry Styles, they liked each other but, Taylor wanted to protect her sister from getting hurt the way she did. But, will Harry change for Sofia? Will Sofia get hurt by Harry? Will Taylor learn to accept the love that Sofia and Harry have for eachother?


22. ' The Late Late Show With James Corden '

Sofia's POV

Today, I had an interview with James Corden. Out of all the interviewers I met, I think he's probably my favorite, cause he respects me and doesn't put ' Taylor Swift's sister ' before announcing me.

I was at my dressing room waiting for my stylist to figure out how to clip my headband braid withought it being too obviouse. When she was finished, I hopped off my seat and thanked her. She did a great job on my hair and make-up. All I gotta do now is pick out some clothes. A casual dress would do

I went to my dressing room closet and looked for my light blue with a bit of silver sequened knee-lengh dress. When I found it, I got my aqua blue heels and put it on, carefully. I didn't want to ruin my hair and make-up.

Once it was on me, I went to the mirror to brush my wavy hair some more an after that, I went backstage to wait for my cue.

" Hello everyone and welcome to ' The Late Late Show with James Corden '. Today, we have the most beautiful and talented up and coming country/pop singer. Sofia Swift everybody " he said and the audience clapped as a cue for me to go onstage

" Thanks James " I said as I hugged him " oh don't worry about a thing. I like your guestings here " he said and I smiled and we sat down " so, shall we start? " he asked and I noded.

" Ok so , first question " he started and I listened " there are pictures of you and Harry Styles from One Direction surfacing and we just wanted to know if you guys are official, you do make a cute couple " he sad an I smiled, remembering yeasterday's happening " yes " I simply said and some girl squealed at the audience but some just snickered, jealous I guess " that's amazing, I love you guys " he said and I smiled " thank you " I said an he started with the next question " so this next one is actually a congratulations to your 3 new hits and there were rumors that said that you wrote these alone, is that true " he asked " yes, I wrote them when I was about 15-16 " I said and he smiled at the audience " what age did you start writting? " he asked and I tried to remember " about at 10. My first song was ' What I Like About You ' " I explained an he noded with a smile

The interview went on and we laughed almost all the way.

Once it finished I quickly drove back to Harry's flat only to have my head blown with questions and my eyes sweat.

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