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Sofia Swift, the sister of Taylor Swift, met Harry Styles, they liked each other but, Taylor wanted to protect her sister from getting hurt the way she did. But, will Harry change for Sofia? Will Sofia get hurt by Harry? Will Taylor learn to accept the love that Sofia and Harry have for eachother?


16. " How Was It Babe? "

Sofia's POV

After 15 minutes of driving, I finally got back to Harry's flat. Once I got inside, I saw Harry sleeping on the couch. The tv was still on on ' Friends '. I LOVE that!!!!

I ran quietly to the sofa to watch ' Friends '. Atleast it was still on.

I was watching and, well tried so HARD not to laugh loudly. Harry did move a lot because of my sudden laughs which led to him waking up, groggily.

" Hey, sorry I woke you up, it was ' FRIENDS ' " I exclaimed and he giggled groggily " I undersand, that's a really great show " he said and I smiled. He sat straight up and watched with me

" Sooooo, how was it babe? " he asked and I for a second my eyes grew because of the babe, but it quickly left and I answered normaly " it was great. Daniel, my manager's manager said that if the 3 songs that I wrote and recorded won't be a hit in 1 week, they'll let my songwritters write again " I said and he smiled " great, I promise it will be number 1 and I know that for a fact. You're amazing and talented " he said and I blushed a little. He actually believes in me.

We still watched ' Friends ' until I saw that it was 11. How did ' Friends ' last that long?

" Hazz, how did ' Friends ' last this long? " I asked and he laughed " cause, it wasn't on tv. I had all the episodes recorded on tape " he said and I bursted out laughing. How did I not think of recording ' Friends '?

" Amazing, how did I not think of recording ' Friends ' when I love it hella more than you? " I exclaimed and he looked at me jockingly with an offended face " excuse me, I am a BIGGER ' Friends ' fan than you thank you very much " he said trying to have sass but I'm sassier " yeah, a bigger ' Friends ' fan just cause you recorded all the episodes. I watch new episodes because I'm a REAL ' Friends ' fan Mr. Try To Be A Fan Of Something You're Not " I said sounding so sassy " ohhhh sassy, I like it " he said in a tone which made me think of horny people. Anyway, I bursted out laughing with Harry.

All this was going great. Harry and I are amazing. I now get to make my very own music. Everythings just going to place. Except, I'm losing someone who've always been there for me. When I was young and the one who always understood me. I'm losing Taylor. I'm losing my sister.


Hey guys! So most of you guys might think that this is a ' Harry Styles movella that's all about love " well, it is. All of movellas are like it actually. But in this movella, I want to show sisterhood too. I want to show how important it is to have a strong bond with your friends, family, brothers and sisters. Taylor and Sofia are amazing sisters. They fought like how it's happening now like any other sisters. But someway somehow, we know they'll always end up being sisters cause sisterhood is a lifetime thing so I hope in real life if you have a fued with your family, sisters, friends or brothers, believe that someday you'll always end up being alright because your family. Not by blood with some other people but by heart. Consider me one of them because, I consider you all as brothers, sisters, family and friends. ILYGSM🆔💟❤️💖💝💘💕

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