To Good To Be True

A story of a confused friendship that never ever did turn into something else, until she met the new guy


3. Middle School?!

Some Weeks Later...

I had begun to hear rumors lately about Julian saying that he had gone to the same middle school as me. Yet some people said it was fake while others said it was true, I began to get curious myself and decided to ask Julian for the truth. I quickly walked out of English and tried to get to Julian's classroom so we could meet in front of the the classroom door. Julian handed Mrs.Geller the assignment they had to do in class, he smiled once he saw me and gave me a hug. (You could say we were beginning to be best friends by now) I let go of him and turned around to begin to walk to the Cafeteria since it was finally Lunch time. He began to walk beside me and I decided to pop the question. Once I had asked him he stopped walking and looked at me with his beautiful green eyes and smiled at me replying, "Yeah I did actually go to the same Middle school as you!"  Julian kept walking while I stood behind trying to catch up to him. They were serving pizza for lunch,  I really wasn't hungry and neither was Julian so we decided to talk about our middle school years.


Finally the end of the day came by like a blink of an eye! Julian who wasn't driving yet offered to walk me home and I accepted. So we talked home together and I told him more jokes I had recently found on google that seemed funny to me, he told me how his classes were. We were both having a good time until we got to the front porch of my house indicating it was time for us to go our separate ways. He said Good bye and hugged me, I waved and went inside. But, in the corner of my eye I could see him smile big like he was hiding something from me that was to good to be said.

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