The Big Bad Wolf's Mate

After being forced to bee in the mating game Rysk is mated to America's worst alpha. Will she based able to get Fred? Will she fall for him? (Wanted to rate it 16+ but didn't rated it 13+ but I will warn before mature content)


2. Let the games begin

Sweetheart it's time to get ready for the mating games 

My mom said as she opened my curtains releasing the unwanted sun rays. 

Ten more minutes please?

I beg as she snatched the covers away from me. 

No! Get up right now young lady or I'll bring in the hose!

Ugh fine just get out so I can get ready.


I get up and already know what I'm putting on. My highwaisted black shorts a nude Cain sheer black stockings and my burgundy Doc Martins. I put my hair into a ponytail making sure my silver strip is shown.

I hop down the stairs to see my mom packing up my breakfast for the road.

Come on you can eat on the way there grab your papers and lets go.

I quickly grab the papers and rush out the door to see two busses one full of females and the others males. As I walk.into the frame bus it reaks of hormones and cheap perfume.


ok ladies we have arrived PLEASE exit the bus on the upper left side and wait for instructions

Says the driver over the PA system

(I don't feel like doing the bonding part so)

Ok ladies stand with your sparring partner

Let the games begin...


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