Highschool experience

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It all starts when me and 8 other people in my class go to stable walk high school to spend a day in a high school and experience what high school will be like. Me and my best friend Emily sat next to each other on the bus and Emily started to talk to me about what will happen today.

S- what are you thinking about

E-what will happen if you see Nate today?

S- what always happens.

E- you mean you stare at him get red in the face and look down at the ground but you never will talk to him.

S- yeh pretty much.

It took 3 mins to get there and when we did we all got pared up into teams of two and went off with one of the freshmen. Emily and I put a bet that two of our friends Mya and Grace will be pairs with Mya's boyfriend Evan who is a twin. Emily and I got paired up with Dillan who plays soccer and is pretty cute. He told us that there are 4 periods then lunch period and then 2 more periods after that. His schedule was








We went to religion. Emily and I knew the teacher who is Mr. Curran. But we call him Michael. He yelled at us. Emily and I sat in the back. I knew a couple people in the class and so did Emily. They had a test so Emily and I took it as well. Michael graded ours and we failed but did better than a couple of the kids. We then went to math which is my favorite. Brendon was in this class who was a grade above us and graduated from the same school Emily and I go to. The funny thing was that I knew some of the math. She asked us if we wanted to try a problem and Kayla pushed me to the board. The surprising thing was that I got the problem right. Some of the kids were laughing at me and the teacher was impressed as well. When I was in front of the class I walked back to my seat and saw Nate. He just stared at me. Emily knew he was here and I wanted to shoot her. The bell could not ring any slower. I bumped into Nate on the way out and he started to talk to me.

N-I never knew how good of a math student you are.

S- thanks. I really just took a wild guess at it.

N-ok well I have to get to English. See you later. Oh and I am not the guy you thought I was.

Before I could say anything he disappeared. Dillan asked if I knew him and both Emily and I said yes. He just gave us a sigh. I was so confused. Not more then I will be in this class. History!! They had presentations in this class. My neighbor Alex walked in. I wanted to kill my self then and there because he sat right next to me.

A- Sam what are you doing here. I mean..

S- it's ok. My class came to see what high school is really about.

A- so how do you like it?

S- I like it. The day goes by so much faster.

Then the teacher tells us to be quiet. The class was actually pretty fast. When we went to English class our teacher went to visit everyone so Emily and I met up with Mya and Grace

M- so Sam did you see him today?

E-oh yes we did. In math class. Sam did a problem the just learned and got it right. Sarah did the thing she always does too.

M- oh you mean you stare at him get red in the face and look down at the ground but you never will talk to him.

S- yeh thats it.

The class was over and our teacher asked what we learned. We all looked at each other because we just talked the whole time. I just said that this English class was honors and was not really easy to understand as an 8th grader. The girls looked at me and I just said you can thank me later and walk away with Dillan and Emily. Next class was science. We did a really cool experiment that blew up because Emily and I did it wrong. It was fun and all the guys were laughing at us. It was lunch and I was starving. Emily and I sat with the theater guys because we didn't know anyone else. Before I started to eat my lunch one of the guys interrupted and said that the freshman bully was coming. I wanted to know who it was but Emily took my arm and pulled me to the bathroom running away.

S- what is the matter with you. He is not going to hurt us.

E- it's not that. I just don't want you to know who it is.

S- why. Do you know?

E- yes but..

S- tell me or I will go out there and find out my self.

E- I..

Before I let her finish her sentence because I knew she was not going to tell me I walked out and went back to the cafeteria. Before I walk in there, Mya comes from no where and told me to stop. I just told her that I want to know. It can't be that bad. It was. When I went inside I saw the bully. It was the guy I had a crush on. Nate. When I walked in he saw me and knew I was upset. He didn't care. Lunch was over and I only ate half of my sandwich. Italian class went by and next we had gym. It was really good that we had dress down for this but I am wearing boots and jeans and we are playing baseball with actual baseball stuff. Emily wanted to laugh at me because when the coach came over to tell us what we can do instead of playing baseball I said that we are playing baseball and will win. He just looked at me like I was crazy for wanting to play baseball with some actual baseball players but gave me credit. The coach came over to me and said that I was up. There were two kids on base and one was Emily. The coach went up to the pitcher and told him to take it easy on me. I was kind of offended by that but went with it. The first pitch almost hit me. The first baseman told the pitcher not to hit a girl. The next pitch I swung at and hit it over to right field. I made it to 2nd base and got Emily home. The most awkward thing happened that very second cause when I slid into 2nd base the ball was thrown to my face and Nate caught it and fell on me. I was safe but now his face is two inches afar from mine. He told me to forgive him or else he won't get up. I said no. I kind of like laying on the ground. He then kissed me and got up. I called a time out to get back on the base. I got home but still am staring at Nate for what he did. The day was over and my team won the game. Nate pulled me over into a Hallway that was not crowded. He said that he likes me and that he only bullied people because of his break up with Anna. I told him that I could not go out with him because of how he treats other people and we will never be able to see each other. Before The bell rings Nate and I kiss. I told him that I will move on if he does. He said never. Emily then pulled me away to tell me that we are late and started to run away. Nate and I will always like each other but can never be together. My friend Alex told me that the freshman bully stopped bullying and became his friend on the football team. He asked me if I knew him and I just said that he did go to my school and I did know each other.

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