The Leather Jacket

This isn't your regular fairy tale, it is full of secrets and lies, like no other fairy tale you've ever read before. But the truth is, this isn't a fairytale. It's far from it, this story is made with unequal amounts of joyous occasions, tears of happiness, but also, tears of sorrow and regret. This story is about two lovers, who aren't quite lovers, on a mission to make their love real; without reality getting in the way. So sit back and relax, and just wait for the happily ever after.


2. Chapter Two

Dad looked so euphoric for a few minutes, he was rubbing Debra's knee under the table, hoping to hide it from us. And by us I mean Jay and myself. His smile was so real, the only time I had seen a genuine smile on my dads face was his wedding day with my mum. I wasn't there, but I'd seen pictures, pictures that are now stored in our attic along with every single thing my mum had left behind.

"So shall we meet you there?" Dad finishes his coffee with a big gulp. Debra nods at his question and licks her lips to get the rest of her coffee of off them. I look at Jay, puzzled. He smirks and gestures with his head towards the parking lot. We all got up and headed for the door,

"Okay so Brooke go with Jay. Me and Debra need to do something quickly. Jay you know where your going right?" Dad takes a hold of his fiancées hand and takes her out the door before Jay can even say anything in response to dads question.

"Where are we going?" I look to him for answers. He pulls his leather jacket in tighter around his chest,

"Just come with me," he puts his hand on my shoulder and guides me out the door. The strong smell of coffee starts to fade away and we walk towards a small blue smart car.

"Yeah. My mum wouldn't get me anything else. Plus it's pretty speedy." I laugh in return to his sarcasm, he smiles along and little dimples find their way to the corners of his mouth. Opening the door, I see that McDonalds cola cups are sprawled across the backseat among various burger wrappers, coins and a few different baseball caps. In the cup holder next to the steering wheel was a large amount of change and a few chewing gum packets. I sit myself down and soon enough he gets in after me.

"Sorry about the mess. Chewing gum?" He picks a him packet up and I hold my hand out.

"It's okay, don't worry." He places a small rectangle of gum in my hand and I chuck it into my mouth.

"Where are we going?" We had been traveling for twenty minutes listening to various songs by Rihanna. Occasionally he would impress me with his singing but when he notices I'm looking at him, he stops.

"Look we're literally here." We pull into a gravel made driveway. There are little lights on the floor guiding up to the building. The entirety of the front wall was built out of glass and it had a very modern look to it.

"Why are we here exactly?" It was a very elegant looking building, in front of the door was a huge fountain, with dimly lit lights around the edges. The patio leading up to it was made of pure whit tiles, so pristine that you could eat your dinner off of it.

"Welcome home." Jay peers to me, I can tell he's laughing at my extremely shocked face. Waving a hand in front of my face to make sure I was still conscious, the engine turned off and we unbuckled our seat belts.

"Welcome home? What's that meant to mean?"

"Well, your dad and my mum wanted to live together and neither of our houses were big enough for all of us. So here we are. You reckon your boyfriend will be impressed?" I glance at him, it is hard to peel my eyes away from the beautiful building in front of me. And I was defiantly honored to call it home.

"I don't have a boyfriend." I walk up to the front door and Jay follows closely behind me. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small silver key. It's just as elegant as the house. The tab has a gorgeous pattern that surrounded the number that coordinated with the number of the house. Jay puts the key in and turns the door knob.

"You ready?" I was itching to see what this house looked like, I was sure that it wasn't already furnished, but to my surprise it was. When Jay pushes the door open with his foot, he reveals the living room with a exquisite mahogany flooring and a beautiful layout of furniture.

"Me and my mum have been settling in, I've now lived here for two weeks." I nod, I'm to amazed to reply with even a simple answer.

"Here let me show you your room." He puts an arm round my waist and guides me to my room. For my almost step brother, that move was a little inappropriate, but still I was okay with it. After a short walk up the stairs, we find my room, it's the furthest room on the left, it's opposite to Jays. He leads me in and a Queen sized bed is in the middle of the room with a lilac colored quilt cover on top. Along with the quilt are at least a dozen pillows and cushions, just waiting to be jumped on. Near the window is a desk with a large mirror standing on top.

"You like it?" Jay let's go of my waist and let's me explore my new room like I was five years old.

"My mum asked what room you should have, this one or one down the hall, I said this one." When I am standing in front of the full length mirrors that line the far right wall, Jay walks up behind me. He rests his hands on my waist and waits for my response. I suddenly turn around,

"Jay? What are you doing?" His face is right in front of mine, my breathing gets heavier. I feel his hands travel from my waist to my shoulders then up more to cup my face. As far as I knew, this was not brotherly behavior. Jay starts to lean in and he closes his eyes instantly,

"You guys upstairs?" My dads voice echoed from the other end of the hall, I forcefully push Jay away and rush out of the room to find my dad. Jay still standing there, probably relieved that my dad didn't just walk in.

"Hey sweetheart. Was this a nice surprise?" Dad opens his arms to welcome me into a hug, I squeeze him,

"I love it."

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