The Leather Jacket

This isn't your regular fairy tale, it is full of secrets and lies, like no other fairy tale you've ever read before. But the truth is, this isn't a fairytale. It's far from it, this story is made with unequal amounts of joyous occasions, tears of happiness, but also, tears of sorrow and regret. This story is about two lovers, who aren't quite lovers, on a mission to make their love real; without reality getting in the way. So sit back and relax, and just wait for the happily ever after.


1. Chapter One

My black dress falls just above my knee. My ebony heels make me five inches taller. My black earrings dangle and my necklace falls above my neck line. I look up as I hear a knock on my door,

"Come in." I insist, patting down my dress, Jay walks in. He looks smart in his suit. He has a single red rose in his hand. We look each other in the eye, and we both know we're saying sorry. Today was because of us, if we hadn't done what we did, I wouldn't be here. Neither would Jay.

Wait- I'm going to tell this story from the beginning;

Three Weeks Before

My hair blows in the wind of my dads new red sports car. I was starting to think he was having a mid-life crisis, you could never say it to him though. Blasting through the speakers was Now That's What I Call Music 94. Dad taps his thumbs against the steering wheel in time to the fast tempo of the song. I look over to him, his black and 'white gold' hair swished around in the harsh winds of the motorway. He would never admit he was getting older, although he had a mind of a seven year old, he was not that age anymore. Forty three, and he had a flash new sports car, and a brand new fiancée to go along with it. Debra was a little younger than my dad was, but she wasn't a problem. It's her son; a troublemaker. Jay Nicholson was the talk of the town, the girls swooned, the boys feared and parents avoided him. He's now going to be my brother, in two weeks, he's the best man at my dads wedding. I cannot judge him yet though, because although he lives a few towns over, we have never met. Only pictures he's been tagged in on his Facebook account.

"You looking forward to this, Brooke?" My dad turns his head toward me as we pull into the coffee shops parking lot. I shrug, unsure of what I'm feeling. My mum ran out on us when I was three, leaving all her money and possessions, including me.

"I'm sure it'll be fine." Dad sighs, the engine turns off abruptly. I recognize Debra's green Ford Fiesta across the lot, near the entrance of the café. Unbuckling my seatbelt, I wonder what the big deal about Jay was, someone who causes that much trouble can't be that great. Attempted bank robbery, petty theft, the list goes on but still I have to accept him. He's going to be family after all.

We get to the double doors of the coffee store and my dad looks at me proudly.

"I'm glad how grown up your being about this." He pulls open the door and the smell of coffee beans hits me like a smack in the face. I can tell dad smells the overwhelming sent, his eyes start watering. Debra stands up at the far booth of the shop, she waves frantically getting my attention. I have to nudge my dad, he finally looks in the right direction. As we get closer to the booth, I see a well built boy sitting, head down, immersed in his phone. His hair, jet black, to go with his leather jacket. Typical bad boy I think to myself.

"Hello beautiful." Dad greets Debra with a peck on the cheek and he gives a quick wave to Jay, still not looking up from his phone. Debra gestures for me to slide in to the seat opposite the bad boy.

"Does anyone want anything?" Debra grabs her purse from her Prada handbag, Jay looks to the right slightly, but still looking down.

"I'll have a latte please," Jay snickers, but neither dad or Debra hear him. Once they have gone to the counter, I pull out my phone and I'm suddenly wishing to see Jays face. The face all the girls love, what's so special about him, he's just a boy. Well that's what I thought. He looks up from his phone to look at me, his eyes reminded me of a holiday in Majorca last year, his eyes were even more blue than the sea. His lips were as pink as a soft rose, I could see what the fuss was about. I clutch my phone, my eyes widen.

"Well hello, Miss Rawlings." Jay greets me in a formal matter, I can tell he's being slightly sarcastic. I like it though. A group of girls strut passed the window to the left of us, each of them waving at Jay in turn.

"Do you get that a lot?" I question, he nods as he places his phone on the edge of the table. I knew exactly what the girls must of been thinking, 'why does she get to hang out with him? She's a goody two shoes!' But no matter how many times the little guy inside my head told me, I did not want to admit it to myself.

"So why'd you order a latte? I'd imagine you as a hot chocolate type of girl."

"I'm not really fond of hot chocolate," he slams his palms on the wooden table and I jump slightly. His eyes widen and his jaw drops. Then I notice his perfectly crafted jawline, it was as if it was carved by God himself.

"One day I'm taking you for hot chocolate, okay?" Jay laughs, it is more sweet and dreamy than I had imagined. I was unsure of what I intended Jay to be, but I knew for certain he was not the guy I was expecting. I nod and heh holds his hand out for me to shake, he takes my hand in his and grips it firmly.

"We have a deal Miss Rawlings."

Debra places my latte on the table, she sees my hand in Jays and smiles subtly. I may not know her well but I defiantly know when she is surprised. She looks proud of her son, but I'm not sure she thinks he can keep up this good behavior for too long.

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