Beautiful and Broken

"You can't ever do this again. You almost died today and I don't want to have to live without you." He said softly as tears ran down his cheeks. "You ended this. I almost died today because of you." I whispered. "I know and I'm sorry. I know this is my fault, but a don't want to live a life without you in it. You mean the world to me. I'm in love with you Alexandra Caroline Stevens." He said as he placed both hands on my face as he searched my eyes and kissed my forehead.


1. Chapter 1

I was driving down the road with my top down, the wind blowing through my hair as Good Girls by 5sos blared on my radio. As the song came to an end I pulled my car to a stop and looked at the clock, 12:49. I pulled out my phone and dialed the radio stations number, in exactly one minute they were going to give out 2 tickets and meet & greet passes to the 5sos concert. I watched as the clock switched to 12:50 and I pressed the call button. I squeezed my eyes shut and crossed my fingers, I was prepared for the dial tone, scoring these tickets was a long shot, but I couldn't afford them by myself.

Suddenly I heard a voice on the other end...

"Congratulations! You are the 11th caller and you've won 2 tickets and meet & greet passes for the 5 seconds of summer concert on July 16th. Please stay on the line so we can collect your information."

And with that the song switched to One Dance by Drake. I couldn't stop smiling as I gave the radio guy my info for the tickets. I snapped my phone shut and squealed with excitement. In less than 24 hours I was going to meet my idol's and 4 of the hottest guys in the world. I was so ecstatic, but nervous at the same time. What if they all thought I was just another star struck super fan? Or worse they saw my wrists.

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