Dedicated to Be.

Cameron finds himself falling in love with a special girl, a very special girl. This girl's name is Bailee, and through their adventure they come to truly understand each other, but Cameron must overcome troublesome obstacles to gain his future with the girl he really wants.
Tune in on this journey, a special one, as this is a true story based on the girl I love.
Different names have been used, and I hope you enjoy!


1. Just a simple exchange

Heartwarming butterflies, with an intense throbbing, just pulsating out of your chest, a strange urge to hold someone, to grasp their soft delicate skin. To hold their warm bodies, as the wandering eyes gaze upon yours, cautiously moving, falling towards your lips as both of you inch closer, now the air is being shared at this very moment, a hot soft breeze of warmth you inhale, as you restlessly think about touching your lips with hers. 

That very moment when the flesh of two people connects, is miraculously magical beyond belief. The further you go, the closer your bodies tighten together, lurking for more, lusting out for each others bodies, but you really know why it's this way. You love her. Simple, there are no other words for how you feel, when you love somebody, you would sacrifice yourself for them, out of love.

Plain and simple, I can't seem to find that rare bond in my generation. Rare is a compliment honestly, when a man lusts after a woman, she senses that. She either denies him or lets him. Women give men too much, and get so little in return.

Girls at my school are really mean to me, they shun me because they think I am weird, but I am special. I truly believe that. I believe I am special, for the special girl to be in my life.

Stacie walked towards me, usually we we're friends, but the intimidation of her stare was too much, I ended up looking away.

I thought to myself, maybe I am awkward. I'm not easy going or easy to understand, and girls take me to be someone unfit for them, but how can I approach someone I've never really talked to? It's not so easy when your an easy and obvious open book.

I really look for girls who won't judge me for being who I am, but in the end they always cheat on me.

I have had several girlfriends, and attempted many kisses, but none of them felt real, not like a novelty kiss, not one that makes you remember why they are so important to you.

I am fairly attractive, at least I think so, my features aren't uncommon. Brown hair, blue eyes, decently in shape, but not necessarily the tallest person, I'm about 5'5", not bad really. I don't worry about my features much.

I wear name brand clothing, and fit into the style well, but by no means do I come from a rich back ground.

I sat at that round table outside of the high school, thinking about these things for moments on end. Never would I understand why I couldn't find that perfect girl out there. 
Yes, obviously no girl can be perfect, but as a freshman, I have expectations of loyalty, and someone I can trust without constantly asking, "Are you cheating on me?"

I picked myself up from that table, and began to walk home as I talked to my friend Dylan.

Dylan was a light shade of brown, and he was not black, or Mexican. He was something though alright, it didn't matter what color he was, he was my best friend and we had grown to know each other very well.

We understood our glares, our actions, and most importantly our reasons.

"What're you doing Friday Dylan?" I said.

"Nothing, we will make plans later, I'll text you about hanging out."

After walking for about a mile, he split from me, across the road to his house.

I waved him off and began my walk towards the grocery store. I needed to buy some meat for supper before coming home. 

After half a mile, I entered the store, and grabbed a pork tenderloin. Making my way up to the neatly placed checkout, I examined the store.

It was a very checkered building, and had recently been re-painted, it wasn't huge either, and the floor was sparkling clean, the staff was always nice, and the food was always freshly prepared.

It was more of a meat shop than anything, but it also sold other commodities. 

I waited with my groceries at the checkout waiting for a cashier. Then it hit me, really hard.

"Hey, is this everything?" A woman approached out of the darkness, like a ghost.

Not only was she young, by god was she the most ravishing, beautiful substance on this planet earth I had ever seen. My body immediately tensed up and my throat closed as I strained to swallow.

Her smile was enough to make my heart pound heavily back and forth, her hazel eyes, and straight brown hair that dangled around her shoulders, it made me shiver with enlightenment. She was so beautiful.

Her eyes strangled me, cutting my senses off, my eyes were so focused on her, I couldn't mutter a single word.

She began to check me out, and bag my pork tenderloin. "That'll be five dollars and ninety-seven cents." She looked back at me.

Instantly my mind struggled to process what to do next. I pulled out a ten dollar bill from my wallet and handed it over to her seemingly soft delicate hand.

She opened the cash machine and deposited and extracted money handing it over to me.

"Here's your change." She said.

I stumbled over reaching to grab the change, the entire time she maintained a smile. That smile...

"Would you like your receipt?" 

", no it's fine, thank you!" I managed. 

She began to walk away, and I dashed out of the store, my heart murmuring sweet love songs to me...

I had just encountered a heaven on earth girl, and I would be damned to not take a chance, If she breaks my heart, if she molds it further, if she becomes my friend, I won't care, as long as she is in my life, that is enough, because I already care.

I care a lot. Love at first sight? Don't be silly, this is love on a never ending night.

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