Only you Luke Hemmings

Ashley has loved her best friend Luke Hemmings from the start. Ashley has always had to keep her feelings secret but what happens when she moves away and visits years later? Will those feelings still be there?


5. Chapter 5

Luke's POV

This morning I woke up with my arms wrapped around someone. It's very unusual for me. Infact this has never happened. I get up slowly trying not to wake her up. I walk around to find out it was Ashley. Being me I hopped back into bed and cuddled back up to her. I always thought about this moment. Where maybe just maybe one day she could be mine. Hopefully my dream will become a reality. I love her. You know when you love someone the minute they leave. It's kinda hard to describe but you feel empty and you are a mess. It sucks you only realize how much you love a person the minute they leave. You know how much they meant to you and how you were so stupid to actually let them leave to not fight for them. (Sorry if it got too real I dunno what came over me.) Ashley started waking up. She turned to look at me. She's gorgeous. She just looked at me and smiled. At this point I was smiling like an idiot. But that's what I am. I'm just a love struck idiot.

Ashley's POV:

I woke up in someone's arms. It kinda scared me. I didn't remember where I was but then I looked at the wall and saw blink-182 and green day posters. Luke. Of course. I turned around. He was up and looking at me. He's so cute. I gave him a dorky smile and he smiled back. He got up and said that he wanted to make breakfast. I didn't hesitate. I got up and I followed him to the kitchen. I know it's cheesy but he made pancakes and me being the little cheesy person I am I wrapped my arms around his little frame. "Smells great." I said. "I just hope it tastes great." He said. "I bet it will." I said. I just stood there and I was thinking about the future. How many mornings I wanted to be like this. Just to be with him. That's all I wanted. For him to be mine. He turned around and looked at me. He smiled at me. And me being me I smiled like the idiot I am. I can't help the fact that I am head over heels for Luke.

Luke's POV:

I got done cooking and I set the stack of pancakes at the table. I grabbed some strawberries, bananas, blueberries, whipped cream and maple syrup. Ashley and I always added fruit to our pancakes. She still looked so tired. I sat down and started eating. Breakfast was silent but not the awkward silence the I'm stuffing my face to the point I can't speak kinda silence. We both eventually got done eating. She grabbed the plates and headed to the sink. I picked up all the fruit, whipped cream and syrup. I headed to the fridge and put everything but the whipped cream back. I walked over to Ashley and put some on her nose. Awe how cute. She grabbed the whipped cream from me and put some on my nose as well. "Now we're twins." She said. I took my finger and took the whip cream off her nose and ate it she did these me to me. I walked and put it back in the fridge. I walked into the living room and found Ashley watching SpongeBob. This is another reason why I love her. She can be childish and it's freaking adorable. I sat on the couch and o set her on my lap. I just looked at her while she watched tv. She's my definition of perfection.

Ashley's POV:

We sat watching SpongeBob till around noon and I was still full from breakfast. "Hey Lucas." "What's up?" "Can you play me a song?" "Sure." We walked to his room and I sat on his bed while he got his guitar. He started to sing. He sang a song called wherever you are.

"For a while we pretended like we never had to end it but we knew we'd have to say goodbye. You were crying at the airport when they finally closed the plane door I could barely hold it all inside. Torn into two and I know I shouldn't tell you but I just can't stop thinking of you wherever you are. You wherever you are. Every night I almost call you just to say it always will be you. Wherever you are. I could fly a thousand oceans but there's nothing that compares to what we had, and so I walk alone. I wish I didn't have to be gone. Maybe you've already moved on but the truth is I don't want to know. Torn in two and I know I shouldn't tell you but I just can't stop thinking of you. Wherever you are. You wherever you are. Every night I almost call you just to say it will always be you. Wherever you are. You can say we'll be together someday. Nothing lasts forever. Nothing stays the same so why can't I stop feeling this way. Torn, in two and I know I shouldn't tell you but I just can't stop thinking of you. Wherever you are. You. Wherever you are. Every night I almost call you just to say it always will be you. Wherever you are."

"Luke that was beautiful." I said. "Thanks I wrote that song about you." "Awe Luke." I hugged him and I kissed his cheek. "I'm so sorry Luke I literally put you through hell and you didn't deserve it. I'm so sorry." "It's ok it would have been hell with me knowing you were leaving me anyways. So it doesn't matter either way as long as I have you in the end." He always knows what to say, doesn't he. God I love him. We just say there hugging for a while. And he sang me wherever you are once again. And we both fell asleep.


A/N:before I say anything I would like to apologize. I know I've made you wait. I'm sorry I've been so busy lately so that's why I made a longer chapter. I will try and update again soon. Thank you for reading. Please leave a comment about what you like about the story and if you have any questions or suggestions. Thank you for being patient and don't forget to check up and see if there are any updates. <3

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