Only you Luke Hemmings

Ashley has loved her best friend Luke Hemmings from the start. Ashley has always had to keep her feelings secret but what happens when she moves away and visits years later? Will those feelings still be there?


4. Chapter 4

Luke's POV:

I heard a voice behind me. They were talking about my guitar and the minute they said "I remember getting you that guitar..." I knew exactly who it was. Ashley. "Ashley!" I screamed bouncing on her. "Well hello to you too Lucas." She said chuckling. "I missed you soooo much Ashley!" "Awe I missed you too Luke." I held her so close and so tight. I was afraid she would leave me again. God I missed her. She still looks the same. She's gorgeous. "I missed you so much Ashley I never want you to leave me again." "I wasn't planning on it Hemmings." God it's good to have her back.

Ashley's POV:

Luke and I spent hours catching up. I didn't miss too much surprisingly. He started a band called 5 seconds of summer and that's about it. He played me a song called amnesia. It was beautiful and Luke said I was his inspiration for that song. It was beautiful yet sad. I could tell through the lyrics how much I hurt Luke just by leaving and ignoring his existence. "I'm so sorry for everything Luke I truly am. I missed you so much." I said hugging him tightly. I was afraid I would never be held in these arms again. "It's ok. Even if we talked I would've broke even more knowing that you probably happier there." "Never in a million years would I be happy without you. Luke you are my other half and that will never change." He kissed my forehead and before I knew it we both drifted off to sleep.


A/N: hey guys! Sorry I haven't been updating but I've been busy. I'm also sorry it's a short chapter but I'll try and write a longer one later. Thank you for reading.

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