Only you Luke Hemmings

Ashley has loved her best friend Luke Hemmings from the start. Ashley has always had to keep her feelings secret but what happens when she moves away and visits years later? Will those feelings still be there?


3. Chapter 3

>>skip forward 5 years<<

Ashley's POV:

My family and I are going to Australia for the holidays and I don't think I've been any happier. I called his mom, Liz, a few days ago asking if I could visit Luke and she said it would mean the world to her. She told me to call her so she can pick me up. "Ashley we are leaving!" My mom yelled. I ran down the stairs and into the taxi. We got to the airport and did all the stuff you do at the airport and boarded the plane. I looked out the window. I remember sitting in this spot crying over the fact that I won't be seeing Luke in a long time and here I am 5 years later going to see him again. I hope he still is the same.

Luke's POV:

My mom has been making me clean all day and I just sat down for the first time today. "Luke go change!" She yelled at me. Ugh! What is her deal today? I got dressed into my usual. Black skinny jeans, a green day shirt, a beanie and black vans. I walked downstairs and sat back down on the couch turning on the tv. "Luke! I'm going to go somewhere call me if you need me." "Ok mom." She left and I locked the door. Finally some peace and quiet. I walked to my room to go play on my guitar that Ashley bought me 5 years ago.

Ashley's POV:

Liz should be here any minute. And here she is. I got in the car. "Ashley! It's so nice to see you have have you been? How old are you?" She asked me. "Hi Liz I'm doing good and I turned 20 two months ago. How are you?" We continued our conversation. I wanted to be surprise for Luke so Liz said she will text me when she finds him. We pulled up in there driveway. It's funny I was in this exact spot 5 years ago and nothing has changed. Not even a little bit. "I'll text you when I find him." And with that she walked in the house. Only seconds later my phone went off. In his room I left the door open so he doesn't hear you~ Liz. God she is the best. I walked into the house. It smelled and looked the same as it did years ago. I heard music coming from upstairs. I found Luke playing the guitar I got for his 17th birthday. He was facing the window so I took it as an opportunity. "I remember the day I got you that guitar like it was yesterday. Maybe it was. But it's been 5 crazy years and here I am here to see the love of my life, my best friend Luke Hemmings." I said loud enough for him to hear me. He turned around and nearly jumped on me. "ASHLEY!!" God I missed him and here I am back in his arms.


Hey sorry the font is a little weird it wouldn't let me switch back and I had to rewrite the story I finished this chapter and then my cousin called and all of my work deleted do I kinda missed somethings but nothing to major. I hope you still like the story I love you guys!

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