Thoughts about life

Day 1


1. my life

I am/were a girl called Addison. Went to high school, had a boyfriend,good friends and so on. Until I realized how normal I was, I wanted a change something new. So 18 years old me moved away for a while. I figured I wanted to start a wild life, or as well a big change. If I had stopped myself there I probably wouldn't be dead now. Anyways I tried to get a job, that didn't went that good. I tried literally anything different, but it weren't working. At this very moment I didn't saw any future for me, all black. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, I needed to fix this. So I did the most stupid thing you could do, I ran away for real not just a trip this time. I think I ran for hours just getting away for everything. There wasn't anything wrong with the persons who lived there or anything, it was me I couldn't take it anymore. God knows what my family must think, I was so scared. I felt the tears pushing on, but I couldn't not now.

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