~ What {} Is {} This {} Feeling {} ~ [A Lesbian Love Story]

I Was Sitting In My Living Room On The Couch, By The Door, Watching "Love And Hip-Hop"(On My Fire-Stick). I Was Peaceful Of Course... Until The Door Rang. I Of Course Had To Pause The Episode, Put Down My bowl Of Popcorn, And Answer The Freaking Door. When I Got Up I Answered The Door, Without Looking To See Who It Was Out Of My Window. I Did Not Expect To See Who I Did.... It Was My............... Ex-Girlfriend Kennedy!!


2. Chapter Two:Meet Nia



               Haii Everybody! :) Yes I am The Gorgeous Nia Taylor Rain.....Im 18...And Sadly But True My Mom Did Die...But My Farther Is Still Alive...But Heartbroken...And He Did Move For A Offer To A Great Job

And Also Remarried To Our Stepmorther Angela Ross.....Im Straight....And Of Course My Sister Didn't Tell You

But She Is  A Lesbian -.-.....I Now Live With My Sister And We Both Try To Make It Threw Every Day....Oh

And Yes My Sister Finished College Early ^.^ Im Still Kinda In School :) Well Bye! -Flips Hair-

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