Without you

Calum and Riley have always been best friends, but little does Riley know that Calum wants to be more than that. Calum finally works up the courage to tell Riley his true feelings but things don"t go as planned. Read to find out what happens between them two!


4. Lunch

Rileys pov:

I walked into the lunch room and turned my head towards the table my friends and I sit at to find Luke, Calum, Michael, and Rebecca (Michael's girlfriend and my best friend) sitting at the table. No Ashton. I wondered where he could be but I'm sure he was just running late. "Hey guys" I said to them as I walked over and sat in an open seat. "Hey Riley" they all replied at different times. "Oh my god class today was so boring for me today I literally almost fell asleep like 10 times!" Rebecca said to us all. "Isn't that everyday?" I replied laughing, "Class is always so boring that I don't know if I can take another couple weeks of school" I continued. "Me either! But we just have to keep going because it's almost summer break and then we can finally relax and have fun!" Luke said. "Yeah but your idea of having fun is sleeping in till 2 p.m and playing FIFA all day" Michael said laughing. "Exactly!!" Luke replied giggling. We all laughed and lunch went on for about 20 more minutes when I realized that Ashton still wasn't here. I became curious and wondered where he could have been. "Hey does anyone know where Ashton is? I haven't seen him since this morning." I asked everyone. "Ooooo Ashton your boyyyyfriend ;)" Luke said jokingly. "Oh my god Luke shut up" I said laughing. But then I glanced at Calum and noticed he looked slightly sad and his face was sorta red when Luke said that and I sorta felt bad. "But no I haven't seen him" Luke said. Everyone else said they hadn't seen him either and I began to get a little worried. Ashton has a tendency to get in trouble sometimes so I was really hoping that didn't happen and he wasn't in detention or anything. Lunch went on and Ashton never showed up so I figured I would just see him after school and see what happened. 

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