Without you

Calum and Riley have always been best friends, but little does Riley know that Calum wants to be more than that. Calum finally works up the courage to tell Riley his true feelings but things don"t go as planned. Read to find out what happens between them two!


1. 7 Years Old


Calum and Riley were 7 years old at the time, playing in Riley's backyard. The two best friends always hung out with each other in their free time and there were never any worries in the world for them to think about. They enjoyed spending time with each other everyday like best friends do. Calum always had this certain feeling towards Riley but he didn't know what it really was. Whenever he saw her he got this fluttery feeling in his stomach and he felt all warm inside, but him being a kid, he thought it was normal. They were playing catch with a baseball when they started talking about what their lives like an adult would hopefully be like. "I dream that when I'm an adult that I will be in love with someone special that cares for me and loves me", Riley told Calum. Calum replied, "Me too! I want to be with someone that I have known for a long time." For a moment Calum thought of Riley but shook it off and erased that thought from his mind as soon as he realized what he was thinking. They continued playing catch and talking about things children find interesting when Riley asked Calum if he wanted to go on a bike ride. "Sure!", said Calum. They got on their bikes with their helmets and knee pads and rode off. "Hey Riley wanna race?", Calum asked. "Sure!" "Okay ready? 1...2...3...GO!" They pedaled and pedaled as fast as they could when Calum started to loose control! He couldn't get his feet to catch up with the wheels and he was flying fast down the road until he...

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