Without you

Calum and Riley have always been best friends, but little does Riley know that Calum wants to be more than that. Calum finally works up the courage to tell Riley his true feelings but things don"t go as planned. Read to find out what happens between them two!


2. 17 Years Old

Calums pov: 


I woke up and all I could see was smoke and blood. I looked aside and saw a car shattered to pieces. I felt as if this was all a dream and I was seeing it through someone elses eyes. I couldn't make out what the object next to me was but I felt it...breathing. "RILEY!" I shouted. Suddenly it all came rushing back to me. We were in a car, me and Riley, and we had crashed! I remember seeing a big truck coming at us right from the front of my car and I guess that's how I ended up here. I looked at Riley and she wasn't awake and her eyes were closed and I was worried as hell. I didn't know what to do so I tried to get up and look for my phone when I got this piercing pain in my head and I wasn't able to even see where I was anymore. My vision was totally blurred and I couldn't get help because I couldn't find my phone because I couldn't even see. My head fell back to the ground and I slowly passed out. 


Now your probably confused so I'm going to rewind to about a few weeks before the car crash. By the way the bike crash happened to Calum when he was 7 and he only had a few minor cuts and bruises. This is a car crash where calum is 17 years old and he suffered much...lets just say...worse. Well you'll see, just keep on reading.

Calum pov:

I suddenly heard the sound of my annoying alarm clock ringing and I knew it was time to go to the death trap, also known as, school. I got up went to the bathroom and did all the normal things people do when getting ready. After 45 minutes I was ready to go and I got into my car and started driving. Soon I arrived at school and parked in the parking lot. I got out of my car and started looking for Luke, Michael, Ashton, Rebecca and Riley. RILEY. Wow what a beautiful name. Everytime I hear it my heart starts beating really fast. The reason is pretty obvious. It's because I'm in love with her. But I cant show it because she's dating one of my best friends, Ashton. And the only person that knows how I feel is Michael. Me and Michael are very close and hes a really good friend. He would never tell Riley how I really feel about her. I hear the bell ring before I can find any of them and I head to my first period class, Science.

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