Star Trek Defiance: Space Pirates

Michael, Chloe, Goku and Minos tried to relax on their long voyage ahead of them when suddenly they were surprised by space pirates and must try to escape or be killed.


6. 6

When the dust cleared there was only large rocks and rubble where Goku was and the grey bobcat pirate smirked and said, “Hmm, what an idiot.  Thinking he can take on six ships by him...” The ground shook and the rock pile exploded revealing Goku shinning brightly red in his spacesuit screaming in angered he flew straight towards the lead pirate ship as the bobcat faced pirate  made a screaming cat noise as he looked terrified and raised his hands to his face as Goku fires multiple yellow energy blasts, blowing apart all their weapons and engines in a blink of an eye till the defenseless, Un-moveable hulk of the lead pirate ship fell onto the surface with a dull metal thud leaving the bobcat faced pirate with a look of shook and awe.  Goku immediately flew from ship to ship and using his bare fists, smashed all the missile firing cannons and machine-gun shaped torpedo launchers on the forward ends of the rest of the pirate ships as Goku screamed with rage till all the pirate ships were disarmed.  


    Goku hovered right before the five small pirate ships in his glowing red form as he saw the faces of the surprised/shocked pirates before suddenly they turned about and burned their engines as they sped away and up to leave the planet.  Goku powered down and looked back to see the hammer head pirate crew member and another pressing the buttons on their consoles furiously as the bobcat lead pirate sat in the center chair and was yelling till he saw Goku and he sat back in his chair with a look of shear horror on his face.  Goku smirked and said, “If I were you guys I would not try to do that again and leave us alone.” The lead pirate nodded in agreement and Goku heard Michael’s voice, “You know they probably can’t understand you.” Goku replied, “They didn’t hear what I said but their leader apparently can read lips and he read mine clearly.” The Runabout appeared behind Goku and the side door opened and Chloe said, “Come on Goku, I think you had enough fun for one day.” Goku looked back at the Runabout and smiled. 

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