Star Trek Defiance: Space Pirates

Michael, Chloe, Goku and Minos tried to relax on their long voyage ahead of them when suddenly they were surprised by space pirates and must try to escape or be killed.


5. 5

Chloe fell back on the bed, sighed and said, “Finally, some rest and relax....” Suddenly “Good Vibrations” By Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch blared on the loudspeakers and Chloe bolted upright on the bed (with her clothes still on) and yelled, “MICHAEL!” She stomped out of the room and entered the bridge to see (to her shock) Michael and Goku jamming to the music and each singing the lyrics till they saw Chloe and immediately faced forward and the music turned off.  Chloe came up behind Michael and slapped him at the backside of his head and he cringed and yelped in pain as he rubbed the back of his head as Goku laughed and Michael yelped, “Hey!  What was that for?” Chloe replied, angrily, “You know what.” Goku continued to laugh till she slapped the back of his head as well and he yelped and Michael laughed and pointed at him and Chloe turned back at Michael and he cringed with an anxious expression till suddenly the proximity alarm went off and Minos (who sat in his chair as they argued the whole time) looked at his console and yelped, “Incoming!” 


    The Runabout shook as a torpedo flew overhead and past the bridge before it detonated blinding Michael and the others temporarily as the ship shook.  The alarm went off and Chloe assumed her seat as Michael, Goku and Chloe fumbled on the controls and Michael yelled, “Who fired?” Minos yelled back, “Don’t know!  Our radar is jammed!” The alarm turned off and Michael said, “I’ll fix that.” He pressed a button and three, metal balls ejected from the rear of the weapons platform and flew in dead space behind them when suddenly they exploded to reveal dust like particles and suddenly three small ships appeared that look exactly like the pirates that were chasing after them.  


    On the bridge Minos yelped, “I see them!” His expression changed from estate to shear dread and he said, “Oh-oh.” Michael looked back and saw Minos’s expression and asked, “What?” Minos looked at him sadly and replied, “More pirates.” The alarm went off again and Michael looked forward with aggravation and yelled, “Damnit!  We already found...” Then to all their shock they saw eleven ships of various sizes right in front of them.  They all looked either wide eyed or shear terror when Michael broke the silence and said, “Oh, crap.” He looked down at his console and pressed a few buttons till it showed the surrounding star system as he looked desperate till he saw something that made him grin and he yelped, “Everyone better buckle up!” Without question Goku and Minos did so while Chloe looked at him wide eyed and said, “What are you...” She yelped as she held onto her seat as Michael pressed a button and the Runabout made a steep dive at high speed towards one of Xin V’s moon’s below as the 14 pirate ships gave chase.  Chloe yelled, “Why Xi?” Michael said aloud, “Canyons and water spouts, perfect place to take out pirates!  Minos, raise shields!  I think being boarded by pirates once is enough!” Minos replied, “Got it!” 


    The Runabout entered the moon’s dead atmosphere with the other ships still chasing after them and began firing either torpedoes, missiles or laser fire and the Runabout rocked side to side from the near misses or when they struck its shields.  Minos yelled over the explosions, “Thank goodness the shield is holding up!” The Runabout approached the first canyon and Michael yelped with excitement, “Let’s rock and roll!” He pressed a button on his console and the song “Sabotage” By The Beastie Boys played.  The Runabout flew around the inside of the canyon as the space pirates continued to fire and either miss or hit the walls of the canyon maze as Michael laughs while Goku and Minos looked at him as if he’s crazy while Chloe kept looking ahead as if ignoring him.  One of the pillars in the canyon was hit by a missile and began falling into the Runabout’s path.  As everyone looked startled Michael yelped, “Tally ho!” And the Runabout flew beneath it and one of the small ships followed but was smashed by the pillar while the rest of the ships flew over.  Michael yelled, “Watch this honey!” He pressed two buttons at the same time on the console and the Runabout spun clockwise and Michael put one of his hands below the console and pulled a trigger and the weapons pod fired a rapid succession of purple and pink energy blasts as Michael screamed to the music and some of the rounds hit the pirate ships causing one of them to blow a side engine and crash on the right side canyon wall.  The other pirate ships flew radically to avoid the shots but one of them collided with another and both of them exploded before the Runabout made a sharp 180 and flew ahead fast.  


    Michael laughed as Goku and the others looked at him oddly and Michael laughed, “They have been taken out by pink torpedoes!” And Goku laughed and slapped his back hard while Minos and Chloe looked at each other and shook their heads.  The biggest ship of the pirates flew ahead and fired an energy weapon and the wall above the Runabout exploded, showering rocks and debris over them and struck the shields repeatedly as the Runabout shook from multiple impacts till they were through.  There is a loud beeping noise coming from Minos’s console and he looked and exclaimed, “Those large boulders nearly took out our shields!  I suggest we do not get hit like that again!” Michael stated, “Time for a change in scenery then.” He pressed a button and the Runabout flew out of the canyon and into a field of water spouts and Chloe yelled, “Dude are you crazy!” Two control sticks appeared on the console in front of Michael and he laughed  and shifted the controls as the Runabout moved left and right to avoid the jets of water as the pirates tried to follow but one by one they were hit and flew straight up into the air before they came crashing down.  Goku and Michael looked back and laughed till Michael looked back forward and screamed like a little girl as a water spout shot right in front of them and he immediately turned hard left on the joysticks and the Runabout just missed the spout by inches.  


    They all looked shocked and breathed hard till Goku broke the silence, “I think I should go out and end this.” Michael replied (still looking ahead shocked), “Good idea.” Goku then left his seat and hurriedly left the bridge and pulled a Federation space suit (with no insignias) out of a standup locker and quickly put it on till he lastly put the helmet on and exclaimed, “Good to go!” Michael replied, “Cool!  Show them your awesomeness dude!” Goku smirked and said, “You know I will.” And he stood before the side door and pressed a button on a side panel and a transparent blue shield appeared behind him, keeping the air inside the Runabout from being sucked into the vacuum of space.  


    Once the side door opened Goku flew out and as he looked to his left he saw six pirate ships remaining, including the largest one, and they started to give chase.  Goku immediately stopped where he is and began preparing to fire a Kao-Kan.  A large, grey, bobcat face pirate sat in his chair in the middle of the bridge of the lead pirate ship and noticed Goku preparing to fire a Kao-Kan and he snorted and said, “Shred that idiot.” A ball of blue energy formed in Goku’s hands but before he could fire the pirate ships fired first and he immediately dropped preparing for the Kao-Kan and quickly flew from one side to the wall of rock behind him to another as he dodged the torpedo or missile blasts and began running along the surface of the moon with explosions from the pirate ships shooting at him following closely behind when all of a sudden the lead pirate ship appeared right in front of him.  Goku looked surprised and immediately tried to stop running only for the pirate ship to fire a missile at him in point blank range and exploded exactly where Goku was standing.  The other pirate ships surrounded him and fired relentlessly for minutes on end till on the bridge of the lead pirate ship the bobcat looking pirate yelled, “Hold fire!” And a hammerhead shark face pirate to his left pressed a button and the lead pirate ship stopped firing followed by the rest of the ships leaving a large cloud of dust and smoke before them. 

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