Star Trek Defiance: Space Pirates

Michael, Chloe, Goku and Minos tried to relax on their long voyage ahead of them when suddenly they were surprised by space pirates and must try to escape or be killed.


3. 3

They approached a large, dirty metal door (with a normal size door to the left side) with an ATM like machine stand next to it and it automatically turned on as they approached and a male, mechanical voice said, “Please enter ID.” Michael slipped in his ID card and the machine spat it back out and said, “Denied.” Michael looked angry and said, “What the...” Chloe cut in front of him and said, “Let me.” She inserted a card and it spat it back out and the machine replied, “Access granted.” And they heard a mechanical lock and the normal size door opened.  Michael grumbled, “Computerized jock.” The machine spoke, “Old man.” Michael suddenly smashed the screen in one punch as he yelped, “Fuck...” He stopped as he saw what he did and looked wide eyed as he put both his hands to his cheeks and looked shocked.  Minos and Goku looked surprised while Chloe didn’t and she grabbed Michael’s hand and said, “Come on!  We don’t have all day!” And they entered the outdoor hanger.  


    As they approached the Danube class ship Michael asked Chloe, “Where did you get that ID?” Chloe rolled her eyes and sighed, “Pick pocketed one of the pirates of course.” They stood at the side door of the Runabout and Michael pressed the button and the door opened.  When they entered they heard a faint sound of music and Michael and the others looked at each other with puzzled expressions as they walked in and turned to the right following the sound of the music.  The sliding door to Michael and Chloe’s room was stuck open and they looked in to see a young man listening to a walkman while reading a magazine while a woman was looking at a mirror stand as she held Chloe’s clothes in front of herself.  When she saw them through the mirror she stood still wide eyed while the young man didn’t notice and sang, “Hooked on a Feeling!” Michael and Chloe glared at them as Goku and Minos backed away with worried cringes and when the young man turned to face Michael, as he still continued singing, Michael punched the young man in the face and fell to the floor unconscious.  The woman pulled out her gun and aimed it at Michael only to drop it when Chloe threw a blade that cut her hand and she yelped in pain.  She grasped her bleeding hand as she looked up at them and Chloe rolled up her sleeves before she approached her.

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