Star Trek Defiance: Space Pirates

Michael, Chloe, Goku and Minos tried to relax on their long voyage ahead of them when suddenly they were surprised by space pirates and must try to escape or be killed.


2. 2

Michael laughed as he smoked a cigar and slapped his cards down on the poker table as the other players either glared at him angrily or cursed themselves as they folded their cards and walked away while Goku, next to him, slapped Michael on the back as he laughed as well.  Minos and Chloe sat at the far corner of the bar, pretending to drink as they looked on (with Chloe glaring at Michael) and Minos said, “Didn’t Michael say...” Chloe cut him off, “Shut up.” Then one of the ragged men at the table was being laughed at with no units in front of him and he pulled out a blinking red device and slammed it on the table and hollered, “One more round!” Minos looked surprised while Chloe did not change her gaze and Minos leaned close to her and whispered, “Is that the...” Chloe cut him off, “Yes and I hope they are not too drunk to miss it.” Michael and the others continued playing when Chloe and Minos noticed he was shaking his left elbow to his left, discreetly, and Chloe said, “Get behind that guy.  When he leaves we’re taking him out back.” They left the table and started making their way behind the man till two more ragged men approached behind their comrade and began pulling him away from the table.  One of them said, “All right you had enough fun, let’s go.” His betting friend tried to shrug his friends away as he yelled, “No!  I’m going to beat him!” He pointed past Michael (drunk) and he yelled, “You watch!” His other friend said, “No, we’re leaving.  Come along Mongo.” Mongo tried to break from their grasp but was too drunk as he yelped, “No!” Chloe and Minos stood behind them and when one of Mongo’s friends grabbed the device that was on the table, Michael grabbed his wrist, squeezed and there was a loud snap and the pirate screamed and kneeled in agony.


    The pirate tried to grab his gun from his holster but in one jerk Michael threw him clear over the table and slammed his back on the far wall and fell unconscious.  The other pirate began to pull out his gun when Chloe kicked him in the back and he flew forward till she grabbed him by the collar and yanked him back.  Mongo tried to escape but Minos pulled out his sword and hit him in the face with the hilt and he fell on his back as his nose bleed and yelped in pain.  As the pirate tried to get up, he pulled his gun from behind only for Chloe to kick him in the back and as he yelped in pain she planted her foot on his throat and forced him back down and she said, “Don’t even think about it puke face.” He put his hands up and Chloe yanked him on his feet as Minos put his sword away and grabbed Mongo and Michael grabbed the other pirate and the surrounding gamblers ran about them to grab the money that is lying on the floor.  Michael hoisted the pirate up in the air with one hand (as the pirate looked down at him in shock and awe) and asked, politely, “Where is it?” There was the sound of energized guns  and as Michael looked around he saw five more ragged/burley men armed and pointing their guns at them.  The tallest one said, “Let him go.” Michael eased the pirate down but suddenly he turned the pirate in front of him and shoved forward at the other five, making them grab their comrade.  As soon as they did Michael punched the tall pirate in the face and knocked him back, bumping into a drinker at the bar and spilling his drink all over him.


    The drinker punched the same pirate and he fell into another drinker at a table, spilling his drink at the person across and he punched the drinker that spilt the drink on him and a bar fight ensued.  One of the pirates aimed his gun at Michael’s face but Goku jumped over the table and elbowed the side of his face, forcing the pirate to lose his grip.  Chloe grabbed and spun the other pirate, she held, as another pirate fired his gun and the pirate she held disintegrated.  She then spears him in the stomach, jumped off a beam and grappled around his neck and flipped him over onto the floor.  She grabbed a pool stick and smashed it across another pirate’s face.  Minos jumped over the pirate he held as the others fired their guns and missed and Minos kicked the pirate forward and knocked down his comrades that were shooting at Minos.  Minos ran and jumped off pillar to pillar as one of the pirates fired at him and Minos jumped and landed on top of him, yanked him up and head butted him knocking him out.  Goku dodged the beer bottles and punches thrown at him as he yelped wide eyed.  Michael flipped a pirate over and dislocated his arm making him scream in agony and Michael yelled over the noise, “We have to leave now!” Goku ran in lightening speed and dodged the people’s punches and kicks as he ran (while they moved in slow motion) while the others shoved or kicked people to the side while Minos and Michael were each holding a pirate under their left arm’s in a head lock.  


    Once they were outside Minos and Michael shoved the pirates forward and fell onto the ground, but when one of them tried to get up as he turned to face Michael, Chloe appeared and pointed one of the pirates gun’s at his balls while grabbing his front collar and yelled, “Tell us where it is or I’ll blow your meatballs!” The pirated looked terrified as Michael, Minos and Goku cringed at the site and the pirate yelped, “Hanger 21, Junction 2!” Before he knew it Chloe pistol whipped him and he fell, passed out, with blood running out of his mouth.  Minos pointed to her left and yelled, “Nova Corps!” They saw the approaching troops and they all ran and blended into the crowded street till they reached an alley and hid behind a large dumpster.  The troopers tried to push through the crowd and tried to find them, only to pass the alley they were hiding in.  They watched their breath and Michael said, “All right, lets get to the hanger before the pirates do.” He approached the edge of the alley and looked around to see the Nova Corps were busy trying to stop the bar fight across the street to their right and they walked out towards the left as they blended in with the crowd.

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