The Vamps ONESHOT [winner]

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  • Published: 1 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 1 Jun 2016
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The Vamps One-shot


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Sharon has never imagined herself waking up at four in the morning voluntary. But yet here she finds herself making a lousy breakfast of toast and cereal for the daunting day ahead of her.

If Claire were here with her sister, she would have woken them both up at two. And if Sharon refused, Claire would have played and screamed along, off-key, to the song “Wake Up” by The Vamps.

But Claire wasn’t home.

She was in the hospital.

And has been for the past year.

When Claire learnt that one of her favorite band was performing here, in their city, she continually bothered her parents and the doctors about going to their concert and meeting them. She even thought about sacrificing her wish just to meet the four men.

But the doctors refused. Claire had just undergone a surgery and had to rest.

The disappointment on Claire’s face was greater than when her favorite singer lost to someone who sounded like an old lady in a singing competition.

That’s why Sharon stepped in and volunteered to get a signed poster for Claire.

And that’s why she was now preparing for a thirty-minute drive downtown with one of Claire’s beloved poster.


It was a little after five when Sharon parked and rushed to her destination. To her dismay, Sharon’s destination already had a line of twenty people. There was still two hours, and the last thing Sharon wanted to do was to listen to a random fangirl gush on how “hot” one of the member was.

Sharon never understood why fangirls of bands were so weird and hyperactive all the time.

When Claire had learned that she had the same birthday as one of The Vamps members – Brandon was it? – she ran around the house screaming.

But when Claire had learned that their mother was born on the same exact day and year as Rick Riordan, Claire had just messaged another book-obsessed friend in all caps, although Claire looked anything but hysterical.


Two screaming girls being restrained by security guards and a book later, seven finally came. And Sharon had never been any readier.

Security guards opened the door and attempted to usher the screaming hyenas inside the building in an orderly fashion.

Failing. Of course.

These were fangirls. And Sharon knew that you never separate a fangirl from their obsession.    

At the beginning of the line, beyond a crying girl with mascara running down her face, was a table where The Vamps sat. Sharon didn’t actually know if they were actually The Vamps but thought that they looked pretty close to the people on Claire’s poster.


The line was now louder and rowdier than it was before. Songs from The Vamps’s newest album was playing loudly above everyone’s head.

To Sharon’s right was a screaming girl.

To Sharon’s left was a screaming girl being restrained by a boyfriend.d

In front of Sharon was a screaming girl being restrained b a security guard.

And behind Sharon was an unconscious girl nobody seemed to care about.

The line was going faster than Sharon thought it would have. So when she became the very next person, she wasn’t as tousled as she’d imagined.

“‘Ello!” exclaimed Brad to Sharon, who did not know who was who. “Who are we giving this out to?”

“Claire Strother, your biggest and craziest fan.”

Sharon stood in front of the table awkwardly. Finally, she thought of something to say.

“You know, I have a friend named Cecelia. She hates you guys.” Sharon mentally facepalmed.

“That’s interesting,” said Tristan. Sharon still did not know who was who.

“That’s because whenever she comes to my house or near my sister, my sister starts screaming ‘oh Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart!’”

Connor nodded amusedly. Sharon still did not know who was who.


Pushing herself past fangirls still waiting in line, Sharon finally managed to arrive back inside her car with no rips on Claire’s poster. Sharon believed that it was amazing on how her head didn’t explode with the blaring of the “singing” boys.

Instead of driving home, Sharon drove straight to the hospital. She couldn’t wait to see the Claire’s face when she sees the signed poster.


Inside the hospital, Sharon rushed to her little sister’s room. The signed poster was a present that had to be presented right away to Claire.

Sharon’s parents were getting breakfast when Sharon enter Claire’s hospital room. Claire had been watching the TV and turned her head when Sharon entered. Claire’s eyes immediately zoomed onto the rolled up poster in Sharon's arm.

“Is that it?” Claire asked.

Sharon nodded, and Claire broke out into a huge smile.

Claire quickly grabbed the poster out of Sharon’s grasp and opened it up. Tears were threatening to spill out of Claire’s eyes as she saw the signature of Tris, Brad, Connor and James.

At that moment, Sharon knew that although they sounded like immature boys, The Vamps had a huge impact on her little sister’s life. And she was thankful.


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