How can I choose between you two?

Tatum is just your typical girl. She's hilarious, friendly, music, art loving fangirl but what happens when she meets her favorite band All time low? And what happens when two of the band members fall for her? Who will she choose?


8. touring

Tatum's POV:

We have been touring for about a month now and I've managed to get in a close relationship with everyone. I was sitting in between Alex and Jack talking about last nights concert when I got a phone call. "Hey guys I'm going to take this I'll be right back. "Hey Luke!" "Hey beautiful!" "What's up?" "Well I just wanted to say since you are touring in Australia today in town I was wondering if we could meet up?" "Yeah that would be great just us or everyone?" "Everyone as much as I would like to hog you for myself that's not fair to everyone else." "Ok well where do you want to meet?" "Well I'm at the cafe right now so the cafe I guess?" "Sure! And warning all the other boys may come to if that's ok." "That's fine." "Ok thank you." "I love you princess!" "Awe I love you too babe." "Bye! See you in a couple!" "Bye! See you soon!" And I ended the call. I walked back to Alex and Jack which wasn't that far since I never left the room. "Who was that?" The both of them asked. "Oh it was just Luke. He wanted to meet up since we were in my home town." "Ohh go get it girl!" Said Jack. "Yeah go get it!" Said Alex. "Never in a million years." I said. "If you want you guys can come along all my friends will be there." "Yeah we would love to." Said Alex. I put on my shoes and stepped off the bus. I waited for Alex and Jack and we started walking. The cafe wasn't that far from here maybe 5 minutes walking. We were walking and I saw a tall blonde boy. He was looking in a different direction so I jumped on his back. "Luke!!!" "Tatum!!" Alex and Jack just stood there staring. "Guys this is Luke my best friend, Luke this is Alex, Alex this is Luke, Luke this is Jack, Jack this is Luke." They started talking and everyone started coming. I greeted everyone with hugs. "I missed you guys so much!" "We missed you too!" Said everyone. Alex, Jack and Luke were all talking about something. Whatever it was it seemed serious.

Luke's POV:

These Alex and Jack guys were very curious about Tatum. They kept asking what her type was, what she liked in people all that stuff. Alex bothered me the most. "I'm just going to say this if you guys like her so much then why don't you ask her out yourself?" I asked. I looked over at Tatum as she was looking at me smiling. "If you don't ask her out I'll ask her out myself." I said. I walked over and hugged her. We were having such a great time and I could tell Tatum was too.

Alex's POV:

I was taking what Luke said into some serious consideration. I really wanted to ask her out but I knew Jack liked her too. "Hey Jack?" I asked. "Yeah man?" "I wanted to know if you were ok if I asked Tatum out? I know you like her and I don't want to ask her out if you aren't ok with it." "I dunno dude I really like her." God dammit.

Jack's POV:

I hated to do this to Alex but I like Tatum too. Then I got an idea. "Hey Alex why don't we let her choose between us?" I asked. "That sounds great." He said. We went back to hangout with Tatum and her friends.

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