How can I choose between you two?

Tatum is just your typical girl. She's hilarious, friendly, music, art loving fangirl but what happens when she meets her favorite band All time low? And what happens when two of the band members fall for her? Who will she choose?


4. talking with Stephen

Tatum's POV:

When I woke up next to Luke this morning his arms were wrapped around me as if he were never letting go. Awe Luke looks so cute in the morning. "Rise and shine handsome." "Umm I don't wanna get up. I want to cuddle you." He said as he nuzzled his head into my shoulder. His morning voice is really sexy I'll give him that. "Fine." I said giving up. "Thank you princess." He kissed me and we cuddled and talked for what seemed like hours. We finally got up and made breakfast. We had pancakes with a side of bacon. We sat and talked about nonsense. When we got done I went to his room to change into the clothes I wore the day before. "Alright Luke I'm leaving thank you for having me." "No problem princess text me later." "Ok bye Luke." "Bye Tatum." I got in my car and drive to my place. Thank the lord mom wasn't up and Stephen wasn't home yet. Coming home late morning in yesterday's clothes that smell like Cologne is hard to explain. I walked upstairs and took a shower. I dressed in a black t-shirt, black skinny jeans that were ripped at the knees, a red flannel around my waist and combat boots. It was around lunchtime when I got done so I made some ramen noodles. I checked the time. Stephen should be here any moment. Well speak of the devil. "Hey Tatum." "Hey dad how was your trip?" "Awesome! Are you excited to go on tour with your favorite band?" "Umm is that even a question of course I am!!" "Great well you leave the last day of school which is on what a week so I suggest you pack because you'll be gone the whole summer." "Ok thank you once again you are the best!" "No problem I'd do anything for you." I finished my ramen, texted Luke and Maria about going on tour and how long I'll be gone. Luckily this is our last year in college and I plan to get a job at a record company. Luke and Maria want to work at the same place I do so I'll have my two best friends for the rest of my life. God I love them. I finally got off the phone with Luke and Maria. I got packing and I listened to All Time Low's new album "Future Hearts." I can't wait for this summer!

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